Advertiser Applications


JoyFreak Administrator & EvilGunZ Co-Founder
Jun 23, 2018
If this thread is open, then our advertiser applications are open!
Should you be interested in applying, making easy money and friends along the way, and working for an awesome server, then simply follow the format and guidelines provided.

Please review the following guidelines before applying:
0.1 - You must be willing to provide full dedication to our server.

0.2 - You must be capable of following rules, guidelines and protocol upon being accepted.
0.3 - You must understand that you will be on a 1 month probation before being paid.
0.4 - You mustn't apply if you are interested in having forum/server moderation powers - you get nothing but money and a colorful name.
0.5 - You must read the staff rules we have posted in our section. Upon being accepted and contacted, you will be provided with the appropriate threads to review.
0.6 - You must be able to speak English fluently.
0.7 - You must be able to use Discord in order to communicate with me daily. Simply use this link to join our Discord server:
click here!
0.8 - You must follow the format - posting anything otherwise or not following the format will get your post removed.

My Name:
Discord Account:
My Age:
Availability (Time I Can Contribute):

Why I want to be an Advertiser:
Why I should be chosen to be an Advertiser:


Sep 20, 2018
My Name: Mark Kervin
Discord Account: ?ItzKervin?#5372
My Age: 19
Availability (Time I Can Contribute) : 3 and 1/2 hours
Why I want to be an Advertiser: power/moderation is not what I seek, but to share the greatness of this game I see a path where this game is going, and I see it as a good path.
Why I should be chosen to be an Advertiser: I will do my best and try to understand the person or maybe become his/her friend