ABC: Children may be at an increased risk for abuse and neglect in quarantine


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Dec 11, 2018
As more children across the nation are now forced to stay home due to strict quarantine regulations, the risk of physical abuse is greater, some experts say.

Sophie Phillips, chief executive officer of TexProtects, a statewide child advocacy organization, said any type of crisis can put children at an increased risk for abuse and neglect.

“This is a really interesting time," she said. "Parents are under so much stress but then there's also the financial hardships."

“Children right now are home like most of us are and so they are not going before teachers, school bus drivers, dentists, social workers, so reports are not being made,” said Angela Liddle, president and CEO of Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance, a nonprofit child protective services organization. “Calls are down right now, likely in every county in [Pennsylvania] and likely nationwide right now.”

Due to social distancing rules, it has become more difficult for social workers to speak with and visit children who are in need of help, said Liddle.

“Very few people are used to being around kids 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The worst thing for families is when there is incredible stress there is a higher risk for potential abuse,” said Liddle.


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