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Jul 2, 2020
You perhaps have heard Harper's Letter on Justice and Open Debate. If you have not a link will be provided for you to read it yourself. It's basically an appeal to common sense against cancel culture, a response to such a culture. It has caused some "controversy" among those that both perpetuate cancel culture and claim there is no cancel culture.

This has prompted much outrage and gnashing of teeth from the usual suspects. World class mental gymnasts that have to abandon all critical thought so as to maintain their critical theory lenses. Folks that so strongly believe in their own righteousness and are such bigots they think all those with opposing opinions must be silenced, you know, just like the eeffing Nazis. You've heard of the Nazis I assume?

Which brings me to this, an absolutely beautiful take down of such a bigot. I grow tired of the most racist people on the planet being the ones that cry about racism the most. And absolutely love the way Irving Twin just eviscerates any such nonsense. I literally could not have said it better myself, hence why I'm sharing his video.

feel free to correct him where he is wrong, but be prepared to back yourself up with logic, because I'm not prepared to let any nonsense slide unchallenged.
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