A New Saints Row Game has been teased, with 'Exciting Things Ahead'


It's been awhile since we last had the glorious absurd randomness of a Saints Row game gracing our consoles (four years in fact!) and so the time is only right that we could begin to expect the next installment to be announced. Well, it could potentially be in the works after a cryptic tweet from publisher Deep Silver. However, questions over a new Saints Row title remain, with people wondering just where could they take the game next? When is the game going to come out? What are we going to do?

However, Deep Silver may be looking to answer all our questions over the next few months after publishing a tweet which called for fans to ensure that they are subscribed to Saints Row official YouTube page which a fairly teasing note of “exciting things ahead for the Saints, you don't want to miss out!”. We can only sit back and wonder what may be being posted on the channel in the coming months.

It's been awhile since we have heard much about the franchise but that vow of silence broke cover a few weeks ago with the announcement that a Saints Row film is currently in the works, and is being led by F. Gary Gray of Fate of the Furious. A port of Saints Row the Third was also officially released on the Switch and could lend a thoughtful nudge to the though that the developer is back at work on the franchise. They are now hiring for new talent as well, seeking recruits with experience in AAA third-person shooters and open world games. Positive signs indeed.