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Discussion A man is suing Twitch for $25 million because of female streamers.


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Basically, this may have been in the news lately, but a man has sued Twitch requesting $25 million and the accounts of many female streamers to be banned.

Why, you ask? Well, this man admitted some very disgusting and frankly TMI-worthy things that I don't feel like repeating on JoyFreak. Suffice it to say he's obsessed with female streamers... to a very unhealthy degree.

By very unhealthy, I mean so unhealthy that he had bloodshot eyes from looking at the streamers' breasts for the entire night. Yes, this disgusting amount of detail was also included in the lawsuit as well.

The full info can be Googled, including far more disgusting and cringe-worthy things that I refuse to post on JoyFreak for my own sanity. Personally, this is an absolutely worthless lawsuit and the man is greedily trying to extort money from Twitch, when he's the one who should be getting therapy for his unhealthy sexual addictions.

What's your opinion on this sort of thing?


I was reading about this Yesterday, it's quite disturbing the lengths people will goto, but I suppose if you're a sex addict it also makes sense. Addiction is addiction, and it takes a strong will and a lot of support to overcome it. What he needs to do is install a firewall and block Twitch so he can't access it if he's having that much trouble with it.

Women don't deserve to be treated differently because they have certain body parts that people like this obsess over. If they're going out of their way to be lewd and show those off, then they can expect to be banned just like anyone else, but this guy is essentially suggesting that simply because they're women and he can't control himself, that they should be punished for that. Sorry, but no. Are there some who use their bodies to their advantage, at times taking it too far? Of course there are, and they get punished for that when they're reported; however, you not being able to keep yourself in check around the female form does not equate to Twitch or those women doing anything wrong. Block Twitch so you can't access it, find a hobby to occupy your time and move on. This guy needs to figure that out.


It baffles me that there's people like him who genuinely believe they can sue a big organisation such as Twitch for stupid things like these. He's a madman.
Oh my god, not only is this guy going to lose but I'm sure all the streamers can turn around and sue him for something.


Nothing new. The less attractive the girl the more she shows her body to get followed because the guys are dumb enough to fall for it. These girls want you following them So they can get influencer money. not at all because they are actually interested in you.

If you go on twitch and see so many sexy good looking girls and Me even follower them as they are good looking. We all say that girls like them show parts of there body and with there breasts showing. Twitch won't go with this LOL

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