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A look into Path of Exile's upcoming supporter packs

Path of Exile Supporter Packs Are Available
Good news to all Path of Exile fans, in just a couple of days, we will be announcing our September expansion, we are all pretty sure that you guys cannot wait for farming PoE currency in the new coming Path of Exile league. What's more, alongside the announcement we will also introduce a brand new set of league supporter packs. In addition to their usual content, we can tell you that these supporter packs will contain a new type of Character Effect which we have wanted to try that out for a quite long time.

And these character effects begin with a minimal visual effect that charges up as you kill monsters. And there are six visual phases until it's and its full glorious effect. After a short time without slaying monsters, then it will phase back down to its original look. And by the way, in this latest supporter pack, players can buy PoE currency online through those authorized sellers and without getting banned like EZNPC.COM. And that's I have to say it's a good sign of PoE trade.

And fortunately, we have prepared a preview of one of them today. And you can check the video down below!

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