A crypto MMO project - Looking for a team


Mar 15, 2020
Well unsure if this is the place for this but. i was sugested to try start this topic here in order to try recruit people for a project i have in mind.

Which is to make a crypto mmo. the crypto in this case is only in order to keep the financial side such that you don't have endless gold.
The game itself would be closer to maginoba it's a asian mmo where there is story lines. but unlike everything made since WoW. it's more about players exploring, hunting ,crafting and so on. By building a ever expanding world utilising a sone structure it should be doable to make it sectioned enough. that you won't need to render the entire world all the time. the goal is set it so players are the ones making new towns find mines and dungeons to explore. wth ways to change or alter the dungeon cores. as they slowly find more materials. I belive its doable to make a self sustaining world. If we where to add truly unqie gear that only have a few copies and not more. merchants transporting goods between places and so on. it would be something magical.

I got a coder already interested but he pointed out it would require a much larger team then just himself. so any thoughts? interested in lending a hand? i am curios
What staff positions are you looking for? I may be interested.
Graphics and coders are what is neccesary at present. there is likely ways to get more resources later. but without help making something that can be presented those will be harder. so yeah coders and graphics. riggers too since some animation is neccesary for it to look good
So you have 1 coder so far? You many more do you need?
I would prefer having a couple of more coders. beyond that this would require two or three graphics i belive. one to deal with models and characters and two to help design the stuff like buildings,caves and trees. Want to make it partly modulare like minecraft did in terms of how each area is packacged together. You want the entire game center around players as much as possible. with npc's being more an assistance to the player.

Ideally you want players to be explorers,coloniser, entrepenors and craftsmen.

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