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A community in progress...


This week, I tried to reach out to people through various methods, in order to gain new members and build an alternative to Gaf and Era. Some members were interested, others were not for reasons I would like to address.

1. Is JoyFreak alt-right?

No. JoyFreak doesn't support hate-speech or promote discrimination in any sort. With that being said, JoyFreak staff won't pander to the protected vocal minority that ruined NeoGaf and that same vocal minority that's ruining ResetEra for so many people as we speak. As the general manager and owner of the website, I don't want JoyFreak to be Era or Gaf 2.0 and repeat the same mistake, I want to learn from them, we all need to learn from them. JoyFreak isn't alt-right, but it isn't left neither. If you're part of that vocal minority, you're not welcome on JoyFreak, unless you're willing to respect other people and compromise on your own bigotry. Regardless of your political background, you'll be welcome on JoyFreak as long as you respect other people's views.

If you have questions about our site policy then please contact us or read our general guide for further information.

2. Is JoyFreak a scam?

The people that I reached out to told me about various attempts in the past to grab Gaf/Era members personal information. Early members won't need an ISP or EDU email (a regular Gmail address will do). Once the early phase has passed, JoyFreak will require a personal email (ISP or EDU), however, the email won't be accessible by anyone other than the administrator (myself), this is for reasons such as verifying the account, for spam, for lost passwords etc.

All information regarding personal information can be found in our privacy policy agreement. If you have questions about your personal information please contact us.

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