A-A-A-A-A-N-D... I wasted my time going out today!

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Jun 15, 2019
So basically, I tramped up the road about 2 miles or so in the rain today, to see a lawyer about that... stupid stuff I told you about before, since I'm due in court on the 17th for making "death threats" to arrogant trolls, and also people I know in person.

Anyway, my mother went with me, but she got the bus. I was talking to the guy at his firm, and then the dude didn't say a great deal at all. He said I should go back to my previous lawyer, even though he's like, 110% useless. He said since he knows me, he could help me better. I'd also put some videos on a USB stick, that cost me nearly a tenner. Or, ten pounds for anybody that doesn't know what a tenner is in British terms. He said he didn't have the time to look at any of it.

I told ya they don't lift a finger. It takes you getting shot or something, by a crazy person, before they decide any real intervention is necessary.

I've got an appointment with an advice shop this Friday, too. You know? You go in this place where these people are supposed to offer up stellar advice about some carry on you're going through. I'm not sure what they'll say about my situation other than, "Hire a lawyer". But that side of it is to do with unrelated civil stuff. This latest time wasting garbage is distracting me from the real matter at hand, since I basically have wanted to take these former support workers to court for the longest time, and then all of this shit with YouTubers bugging me ended up in the mix. I'm sure that I won't even be able to acquire a lawyer for this matter. Somehow, it's a lot easier to commit a petty crime and get a lawyer that way, but all they do for you is try to sort out that on your behalf. For anything else... GOOD-FREAKING-LUCK!

Also, this is undeniably funny, but I was talking to a police officer the other day on the phone, about this "Gimpy" nutter that has constantly bothered me online. In the UK, you basically dial one-zero-one and wait on somebody answering the call. Although I mentioned various other problems as well. But after spending a good 15 minutes explaining all of the shit this guy did before, and still does, the dude on the other end of the line, went and pretty much effing said, "He's not harassing you!" and, "He's posting his opinions" and, "There's nothing we can do" and... "I see the police came out before". Etc. All unhelpful BS comments that have so far, gotten me absolutely nowhere.

I was like, what the fuck barbecue? How's he not harassing me? I'm really glad I recorded the conversation, apart from the last 5 minutes, even though you're not really meant to do that.

How's it not harassment, though? This guy did all of this...

-Stalked me with like, 2619 accounts for 2 whole damn years.
-Contacted film related people I know personally... unlike him.
-Spammed multiple forums.
-Said he'll rape my young nephews.
-Sent pizzas to my door.
-Annoyed my mate, who is not too far from me.
-Made out my family's dog deserved to die... then signed up on another site with the dog's name.
-Posted my address details on other websites.
-Collaborated with numerous other trolls.
-Took my YouTube acting stuff, even though I've quoted him as saying, "You're a retard that cannot act".

But okay, yeah. In the eyes of these lazy pigs... it's NOT harassment when a guy continues to do all of this. He isn't even the only one either. :cautious:

Just like an ex support worker called Patrick sending me emails for a few years with a made up name, probably wasn't harassment. Huh?

That's not counting all the times these women had me "shopped". Or whatever that saying is my dad used. This was over me fancying two ladies.

Yet all it takes is you saying or doing something in retaliation, no matter how small... and you get the cops knocking at your door. Bloody insanity!

Like, if I was to just say 'fuck it' and not bother turning up in court at all, that would rack up another charge. Right? That's just... ludicrous, indeed.

I can see why nobody likes dealing with the judges or the Wankers Association: They just get paid to drink coffee and eat doughnuts, by the sound of things. They're useless. Even years ago, when my family got harassed by people and these guys threatened to "tan our windows", the fuzz would just tell us we should consider moving away.

Once, my mother threw a cup of cold tea over somebody who was in front of the house, being abusive. The police said if it had been hot, they would have charged her with assaulting him. So, um, what about the dude's pestering? Does that not matter? I guess not. :rolleyes:
Damn, sounds crazy. I was cyber stalked for about a year or maybe a bit less. This "friend" from my work would "Google" me, and then create accounts on all the sites/forums I was on to harass me. He was even at one point a co-admin on my old forum and said he was going to "delete me".

He finally admitted to all of it and stopped when I totally called him out in front of all my on-line friends and basically disclosed everything he did and humiliated him. But, to this day, when I get a weird message or whatever, I'll still think it might be him. :(
Yeah, man. It's the same with this guy that was after me.

I think he has already made a few accounts on this site too, and I was on a forum called acyberlove.com (which was previously loveforum.net) and all the guy did was create multiple profiles, just to spam insults. Like, he kept on saying I'm a bad actor, or talking jive about how I pay my way to be in movies with my "retard checks" (as in, welfare). The person in charge cancelled the moderators years ago, and so he hung around for 2 whole years, saying I have fake autism and all the rest of it. Recently, the spam there only ended because the admin disabled registration.

But, yeah. The dude went and followed me to Internet Archive, Wikipedia, Fandom (previously Wikia), IMDb, Filmogs, YouTube, Ripoff Report, and God only knows where else. Well, I even think I know who he is.

He was on a Resident Evil site a few years back with some stupid sounding pseudonym, and he posted a photo of himself and a dog. He had the name James in some of his pseudonyms when he was bothering me elsewhere, so I went looking for people I thought I remembered from prior forums, with that name. And surprise, surprise - I found this guy on Twitter with a nickname I know from 15 years ago. I asked my mother about the dude's dog in his main picture, and when I compared it to the other picture, she agreed that it's the same dog.

Now when I'm in movies, I don't even add anything to my IMDb page anymore. I'd rather not bother the cast and crew with any of this nonsense. He watches me like a hawk, even though I don't even care about him whatsoever.

As for those support workers I had...

I was at an advice shop on Friday, and it was a waste of time. The woman I spoke to there said they don't offer legal advice, yet all the lawyers I spoke to that claim they couldn't help me, were so sure they would help me instead. They are just passing the buck. To make matters worse, my court date for next Tuesday has been pushed ahead in time to 14 January, so I'm mad that my new year and decade, is going to start off on a bad note, because I'll be having to deal with this crap. But it doesn't matter. I've wanted to take these people to court for long enough, but I just don't know what the proceedings are. It's easier to get a lawyer when I screw up, as I am essentially getting accused of committing a felony if I say this, that and the next thing. But when it comes to civil matters, they just don't care.

My sister has the same problem too. She hasn't seen one of her kids for over 6 years. Her lawyer died from an illness, and nobody else is prepared to take on the case. This crap has went on for years with her ex messing with us, and whatnot. It's too complicated of a case, but she had a few other solicitors and they were hopeless.

My situation is equally as complex. I mean, I contacted people that I wasn't supposed to, but I was only trying to make amends. These women I had for support basically didn't want to work with me again because people started rumours, and they got removed from my support rota amid concerns that I fancied them. When I went next door in this supported accommodation I resided in, these "Seniors" kept saying they were still my support workers, and one of them was actually my key worker too. And yeah, I knew they were lying, so that sparked off a chain of events. After that, I was arrested by the police for throwing tantrums, but the staff denied that they knew about me getting lifted.

Like I said before, some guy at this company in Edinburgh called Patrick, sent me emails for 2 years even before I met those women. But that was way back in 2008 when he started that, and he kept referring to my ex. He left his job long ago, and I just seen him another once after that, when we met up in a pool hall to supposedly resolve our past conflict. But I've had no decent support for several years now, due to being mucked around by social services. Not only that, when I called the court about how to take these women there, they didn't seem to know how to do it either. I'm not sure about this legal stuff myself, but I thought you just collected the necessary paperwork from inside the building. So, I guess not.

And then we've got this deluded prick "Nemesis" and his friends, who mocked me on YouTube after I went out of my way to defend him last year, when his current buddies were originally slagging him off over his rants. Nemesis said that my "face screams paedophile". This dude also thinks Capcom has stolen his voice for the actual Nemesis in the upcoming Resident Evil 3 remake. Like... what the hell? This is exactly why the Resident Evil online community is like cancer. Nearly everybody in it just seems to either be some uptight jerk, or they're delusional.

All you can really do is block their sorry asses if you know their profiles, and try your best to ignore their comments. But I know how frustrating it is, although that's what they want. When you show that their behaviour is bothering you, they think they're achieving what they set out to do. I've dealt with people like that for years on forums and whatnot, and I reckon they're all probably arseholes offline anyway. That's the one thing that offers me some cold comfort. They're airheads, and all that matters is that people you actually know, like you for who you are. These people are probably complete strangers. You're not likely to ever meet these people face to face, so let them act tough all they want. Someday maybe they'll realise just how lame they were to pick on a fine human being.

I was on a Silent Hill forum for many years, and I was one of the few users that still made a lot of posts. I wasn't getting much of a response in recent months, but I kept it up since I wanted to stay loyal to the site. Since there hasn't been a new entry in years, we were running out of things to discuss, but I still posted frequently about other games too, hoping that other people would bring back a sense of community to those dead forums. Eventually some guy got annoyed because the Resident Evil series fell out of favour with me, and I frequently said that Capcom wasn't the same as they were in the past. Like, before Resident Evil 4 was released, the games were actually engaging. All I did was state how I felt, personally. I've even gone on record and said that while Resident Evil 4 is a splendid action game, it isn't a true survival horror game. Then this one guy thought I was taking the franchise's story too seriously, and all that jazz. But I told him multiple times that the story is just as important as how the game plays in general, and I genuinely believe that Capcom is just trying to milk the series for all it is worth, with remakes and sequels that lift ideas from other games and also movies. He then acted like an uptight you know what about it, and I responded back at him, and that was enough for me to get outed. The site's owner "Vixx" banned me, and made my posts invisible, so you can only see quotes from other users, and not my actual messages anymore. It's well and truly sad, but I cannot say I was surprised that it happened.

One of the trolls that badgered me on YouTube, is now in cahoots with these local actresses and film related people I know, but I've never met all of them. I just know some of them from when I worked on a few films in the past. One of them had her producer uploading a film to YouTube, when she claims she wanted it to go through its festival run. However, she forgot one rule: If any film is published online, it's therefore technically available. But when I ripped it and re-uploaded it because I acted in it, she said that was theft. Maybe it wasn't okay that I did that since it's her film. But as I said, once a film is put online in the first place, it's hereby public. So that part wasn't my fault. After that, I think she blabbed to numerous people about me, because I noticed on her IMDb page that films I was rejected for, had her involved with them as a camera assistant or something. Now I've got these people posting about me on Twitter, along with Renegade Operative.

I've not heard from this "Gimpy" guy for a while. He's this creep who is across in New Zealand, and I hope it stays that way. But I uploaded a video on archive.org ages ago, and my address was shown at the top of a letter. He then sent people to my flat with pizzas. There's a concierge's office downstairs and I had to notify the guy on duty that there's a twat in another country, who keeps on bugging me. That's the person I spoke about, who was on that relationship advice site. He also signed up accounts on numerous Wikipedia type sites, to do with acting, and edited on pages, which isn't a crime, but again, why bother editing pages about a person who doesn't want anything to do with him? Creepy, much? He seems to really like my web series, The Dulvey Saga.

The thing is... I even posted videos of me talking to the police and when he saw them, that didn't scare him off. He actually found it amusing, and asked me to send him more. Whenever I did talk to the police, they kept saying he "wasn't harassing me", and sundry. Yet I explained to them multiple times that he was, and I stated what it was he kept doing, which should have been all I needed to do to get them to act on my complaints. But no. They never bothered to pursue the matter at all. Yet if I contact people who say things about me, they come knocking at my door in a hurry. Whether it's those lousy former support workers or those knobs online, the pigs have been at my door many times.

This is what I mean though. It's seemingly okay for others to pester me or soil my name so that I gain a bad reputation in the acting industry. But when I say something back because they got me in an angry mood, that's when the police show up. Otherwise, nobody cares that I'm being abused or slandered behind my back. But what about what they've did to me, and so on and so forth? Is that irrelevant? Gee, I wonder.

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