6 Tips to Keep Your Gaming PC Running Well


Your PC is most likely the most significant piece of technology in your company. When technology fails to function effectively, your entire organization slows down, staff productivity falls, consumers aren't served or aren't provided adequately, and partners become frustrated. If you neglect your computer's maintenance and care, you may find yourself in hot water someday.

The good news is that maintaining your gaming computer's health does not have to take a lot of time or money. Here are six things to think about if you want to take better care of your computer:

1. Think Before You Install​

So many people find that their PC isn't running correctly, just to find out that they've downloaded multiple apps from the internet or a friend's CD. Installing software on the computer will take up space on your hard disc, slowing it down in the long run. That space is needed and can clog the system. These random apps could also serve as a gateway for infections, causing other programs to crash. As a result, try to install as few programs as possible on your computer. If possible, use a second computer to "play with" and test programs that you intend to employ on a company-wide basis.

2. Install The Right Software​

It is vital to secure your computer against digital vandals if you want to keep information safe. As a result, it is critical that you install both an antivirus application and a firewall software program. These two crucial pieces of software, that you should keep up to date, will act as a firewall for your computer.

3. Dump What You Don't Need​

You should inventory your computer every few months to locate and uninstall apps you don't truly need. These useless or superfluous apps consume important hard disc space, and if you aren't using them, you should uninstall them from your computer using the "Add/Remove" programs option in your control panel.

4. Defragment Your Hard Drive​

Your hard drive is one of the most hardworking components of your computer; you use it all the time, every day (whether you realize it or not) to access programs and save files. However, the hard drive does not preserve the data in any specific order; rather, it uses the first empty space it detects (space generated when files are deleted). As a result, the data fragments become dispersed throughout the hard disc, making it more difficult to access the data stored there. That is why it is necessary to defrag your hard disc regularly in order to keep things running as fast as possible. If you're a "low" computer user, do it once a month; if you're a power user, do it once a week.

5. Keep Things Clean​

I've seen offices with paper and sticky notes all over their computers, blocking the air vents. Don't cover the air vents to keep your computer running smoothly—you need to keep the inside components as cool as you can. You should also clean your computer once every few months to remove any dust that has accumulated.

6. Security Is Important​

When something goes wrong, you want to be ready. As a result, it is critical to always back up your critical data. You can backup the data online, to an external hard drive, or a centralized computer, or you can burn it to CD-ROMs or DVDs. Whatever method you use, make sure to backup your data regularly so that if your system crashes, you can simply recover your vital data.

Completing these six steps should help you to keep your gaming computer running well. Do you love games? What do you like to play?
Holy crap, I totally forgot about Defragging my pc. I did it right now and it actually is noticeably faster. Thanks.

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