6 Beginner Tips for Floppy Knights


Floppy Knights is a simple card-based strategy role-playing game. The game follows Phoebe, a budding engineer who is attempting to persuade her parents that magic isn't everything. She considers science and technology to be vastly better to magic. Her robot companion, Carlton, who lives in her prosthetic arm, is with her.

Phoebe devises a method for Carlton to project physical creatures that can interact with the environment. They're known as the Floppy Knights. She'll use them to help her family and community while competing against Alex in a game of wits. That's the fundamental plot, but players should be aware of a few gaming pointers before diving in.

1. You Can Skip Cutscenes​

The story isn't very important in this game. It's unique and amusing, with some decent gags, but it sometimes obstruct gameplay. Some gamers might choose to jump right into the action. There is a way to skip cutscenes in Floppy Knights that is not clearly stated in the tutorial. They only need to press the A button on the controller. This prompt is for console users, such as Xbox Series X, although there is most likely a way to avoid it on PC as well.

2. Keep Your Eye On Level Goals​

On each map in the game, there are usually two goals indicated. There is a major goal or set of goals. On a level, they usually revolve around killing everything or a specific monster.

Then there are the sub-goals, which might include anything from ensuring that no heroes die in battle to completing a level in a specific number of rounds. If the sub-goal is met, players will receive an extra card as well as possibly more gold. Before you start a battle, remember to look around.

3. You Can Get Terrain Bonuses​

Heroes and villains in Floppy Knights receive perks based on where they land on the map. This mechanic can be seen in many strategy role-playing games. When a hero enters a forest, for example, their HP is increased by one. Let's say the hero ordinarily has 4 HP. This boost will increase your HP by 5. Players can return to another forest tile and receive a new benefit once the bonus has expired. That is just one example of the advantages; other tiles have disadvantages as well. For example, lava will deplete 2 HP. Consider the placement of characters.

4. Think About Your Hand​

Although it may seem clear, the player's hand can alter swiftly between turns. Players are occasionally given with a plethora of balanced alternatives, ranging from assault possibilities to movement options. Occasionally, one deed may be preferred over another. Before deciding what to do, be sure that one's hand is steady.

If players wish to go for a boss-type adversary, for example, they should make sure they have enough attack cards to finish it off in one go without being penalised by counterattacks. Instead, players might advance toward a boss, fight it, and then withdraw using a movement card. There are numerous techniques to master, and practise makes perfect.

5. Take Care When You Craft​

Gold is generally utilised to create new cards. Players do not need to bother about gathering materials. But once you've made your decision, you're done. Because gold is a valuable commodity, players must exercise caution when spending it. Players will notice some healing cards appear in the shop as they reach the second region of Floppy Knights, the volcano. In the game, healing is really difficult. This signifies that healing cards should take precedence over all other cards. Barrel Cactus is the initial source of healing cards for players. Another reason why this is a difficult strategy RPG is the lack of healing methods.

6. Be Strategic With Enemies​

In Floppy Knights, defence is frequently the best offence. Rather than moving an entire army toward an enemy base, players should carefully draw opponents to them. Every map is unique. Whether or whether players have moved a single unit, adversaries will occasionally launch themselves at them. Enemies will sometimes wait until a hero character is within a specified range before acting. Players should take as much time as they need to lure the adversaries into a trap unless there is a bonus sub-goal for turns. This is RPG strategy 101. It makes no difference how difficult or easy a game in this genre is. This strategy usually works in the player's favour.

Floppy Knights is available on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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