5 Top Cyberpunk 2077 Best Free Cars And How To Get Them


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Jul 17, 2021

Sup choombas who don't like free stuff? Everyone likes free stuff right? Of course, you do! In a previous article of mine, we listed the best cars that you can buy in Cyberpunk 2077 but I never listed the best free cars. Where you won’t need to spend a single eddie on a vehicle but what you will need to spend is your time doing the various quests to get these vehicles.

Of course, with some quests, you won’t need to lift a finger and you’ll be handed a car on a silver platter. These cars range from racing to off-road to just casual vehicles. Some are canon to the lore and some are just there for fun. Because in the end games are meant to be fun not a complete chore to play through, which most developers don’t get these days. Now that we got that out of the way let’s get into the list!

5. Delamain No.21

“It’s a talking car yall.” (Video by Neichus)

For our first free vehicle, we have Delamain No.21. You’ll encounter Delamain during the ending of act I. Delamain will play an important role during the main quest. But that’s not where you’ll obtain the car. You’ll be able to obtain it during act II in a side quest. After you successfully finish the side quest you’ll be gifted your own free personal Delamain.

Of course, it might not be the fastest car or the coolest looking car but it certainly is a durable one. You see Delamain in Night City is like an uber but for criminals. The Delamain cars have a battle mode where they engulf the whole car in bulletproof materials so you can’t get shot while being driven around or escaping the cops. Of course, the speed might be an issue but don’t worry about that for now.

What makes Delamain No.21 great:
  • Has a top speed of 151 MPH.
  • It’s a durable vehicle and can take lots of damage.
  • Obtainable after completing an interesting chain of side quests.
  • It’s RWD.

Delamain No.21 details:



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