5 Top Cyberpunk 2077 Best Daemons And How To Get Them


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Jul 17, 2021

First things first let’s explain what a daemon is. A daemon is a type of virus that you can plant inside of someone after you breach their protocol or after you complete a quick hacking mini-game. Daemons are useful when you’re going for a netrunner build or a basic stealth build. The way that you unlock daemons is by leveling up your intelligence skill.

The higher the intelligence the stronger and better daemons you get. Now I mentioned before that you need to initiate a breach protocol so you can implant the daemons into the network of your targets. To do so you need to buy a little device called a cyberdeck and it so happens that I already have an article about the best cyberdecks in Cyberpunk 2077 (check the description for that article). Now that you know what daemons are and how they work we can start listing them!

5. Mass Vulnerability

“Skiddale skadoodle your arms are now a noodle.” (Video by PCGamingGoodies)

For our first virus or daemon as it’s better known we have “Mass Vulnerability”. After you breach into the head of your enemy you can then insert this daemon inside of him to lower the physical resistance by 30%. It’s unlocked by default but to get to level 2 you have to spend 16 points on the intelligence attribute.

On level 1 the duration lasts 3 minutes but at level 2 the duration is 6 minutes and has a wider range spread. Once this daemon has implanted itself into your enemies make sure to take advantage of it and try to take down as many as you can while it lasts.

What makes Mass Vulnerability great:
  • Unlocked by default.
  • Lowers the physical resistance by 30%.
  • At level 1 the duration is 3 minutes at level 2 it’s 6.

Mass Vulnerability details:



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