5 Top Cyberpunk 2077 Best Blades And How To Get Them


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Jul 17, 2021

I’ve been talking about melee weapons a lot and for good reason too. They’re fun to use and who doesn’t love slicing people’s limbs off just to see how it looks and how detailed it is. I can’t be the only one right. Of course, someone might get more fun out of killing zombies but where’s the fun there. They’re already dead anyway.

So thank god CDPR didn’t skimp out on the brutality and gore of Cyberpunk 2077. In this game, if you got the right perks and weapons you can slice someone’s limb off with 1 clean cut. It all depends on the angle at which you slice them. I might sound like a psychopath right now but let’s be real.

It’s a video game and everyone at least once has let themselves into their darkest desires, because the thing that you do in video games is for fun, and for the last time boomers video games do not cause violence. Enough rambling let’s get into the best 5 blade weapons Night City has to offer!

5. Cocktail Stick

“It’s a pink whooping stick I swear mom.” (Video by Gamer Guru)

Now at a first glance, this might look like a basic pink katana but oh boy how many cyber psychos have met the end of this katana. Too many to count on my fingers let me tell you that. Plus it’s free. What do you have to lose, oh and it’s an iconic weapon as well if you’re a collector of iconic weapons This katana also has 1 mod slot so you can increase the damage or the crit chance.

The base katana comes with an 18% crit chance and a 10% bleed chance. Both of these stats can be increased to your liking. The base damage is 191.0 DPS which might not seem a lot but it can be useful during the quest “Automatic Love”.

Because all of your weapons will be taken away before entering the brothel and the only way to fight through this is by finding this katana and slicing up the whole brothel. Except for the workers they did nothing wrong to you. They’re just trying to get by.

What makes Cocktail Stick great:
  • Comes real useful during the quest “Automatic Love”.
  • Has an 18% crit chance and a 10% bleed chance, which can be increased by putting mods on the weapon.
  • 191.0 DPS.
  • It’s a pink katana.
  • The attack speed of this katana is 2.99.

Cocktail Stick details:



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