5 Top Anime Shows With Black Protagonists


Yasuke, a Netflix anime series set in 16th-century Japan, is remarkable for depicting a Black character as a ninja. While the show has science-fiction and fantasy themes, the main protagonist also has to cope with racial issues while forging his own identity.

Black supporting characters have appeared in anime such as Haikyuu!!, Bleach, and My Hero Academia. Otherwise, black anime characters are underrepresented in traditional anime shows, which sometimes have stereotyped representations that have aged poorly. Be sure to check out these 5 top anime shows whilst eating a vanilla or chocolate ice cream in bed or on a sofa.

1. Castlevania​

Despite the fact that Castlevania's Isaac is introduced considerably later in the series, he begins to play a significant part in the second season. Isaac forms his own army of the undead to punish mankind while the three core heroes in the video game adaption combat evil forces. Isaac is a demon forge master who has been enslaved and tormented by humans until he seeks refuge in Dracula's service.

Isaac has become a figure with various grey spots after the vampire died. Isaac's objectives appear to be wicked, but in the course of avenging Dracula's death, he ends up forging his own path, abandoning his genocidal ambitions in the process.

2. Cannon Busters​

LeSean Thomas, the showrunner of Yasuke, has a history of starring in notable animated programmes involving Black characters, such as Black Dynamite and The Boondocks. He also developed the Cannon Busters comic book series, which debuted in 2005. Cannon Busters was recently the subject of a 12-episode anime that aired in 2019.

The Netflix original adventure animation is set in the realm of Gearbolt and follows the adventures of a group of misfit robots and fugitives. Philly The Kid, an immortal outlaw whose ulterior aim is to avenge the loss of his parents, leads the crew.

3. Blade-Anime​

Along with Iron Man, Wolverine, and the X-Men, Blade, Marvel's vampire hunter, had his own short anime series. Harold Perrineau provided the voice of the protagonist in the English dub, which was released in Japan as Bureido (of Lost and The Matrix fame). Other Marvel characters make cameo appearances, including Noah van Helsing and Wolverine.

Blade-Anime, like the Blade feature films, concentrated largely on stylized blood and gore. Blade travels to Japan in order to search down Deacon Frost, the vampire who murdered his mother. At the same time, he comes into contact with The Essence, a vampire organisation.

4. Carole & Tuesday​

Carole & Tuesday is set on a human-populated Mars, although its idea isn't really sci-fi. Instead, it's a happy-go-lucky musical animation, with the two heroes following their aspirations of being musicians indefinitely.

Carole Stanely is an Earth immigrant who makes ends meet by working odd jobs. She practises her typing skills in her leisure time. This is how she meets Tuesday Simmons, a musician who walks away from her rich upbringing to pursue her artistic goals. Given the film's musical character, the soundtrack features a remarkable group of new-age musicians, including Thundercat and the aforementioned Flying Lotus.

5. Yasuke​

Yasuke is the first African-American samurai warrior. The Netflix series of the same name, which incorporates tropes from the magic and mecha genres, pays homage to this real-life guy and his bravery. Yasuke appears to draw extensively on samurai and Western movies for his storytelling and core character arc, with the warrior acting as the paradigm of the "hero with a problematic background." The plot revolves around him overcoming his own demons while simultaneously safeguarding a girl with magical abilities.

Yasuke was voiced by Oscar-nominated actor LaKeith Stanfield in the English dub. Flying Lotus, who also provided the ambient opening tune Black Gold, composed the score for the series.
Carole and Tuesday is the best show, amazing relevant message and KILLER soundtrack!
There's a Resident Evil series coming to Netflix, and Wesker will be black. But that's so wrong. ;)

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