Video Game 5 tips for making money in GTA V Online


So that I have experience in making money in GTA V Online I decided to share some tips for other members that play the game to use. They are practically very easy to follow and they are my personal ones. You might not agree with the list as everyone has different playing style.

  • Play with friends
You can definitely benefit from playing with your friends in GTA V Online to make money. As an example with the car business (Import/Export) - you can have 3 other friends to help you to maximize the profits from the business. After that you can help them and its a win-win situation for everyone.

  • Get the passive income businesses
They really will pay off for what you have spent on first. Actually, they are probably the main way of making money in the long term goal. You just need to be online and they will be making money by themselves. Easy, right?

  • Sell in populated lobbies
Selling your product from the businesses you have in populated lobbies grants you a +1% bonus profit for each player in the lobby. If it's at least half full you will be granted a nice cash bonus at the end. But do it only if you have your friends protecting you as you might get killed very easily and lose all the product.

  • Purchase supplies
In the passive income businesses you have 2 options - to purchase supplies or to steal them. It's much better to purchase supplies for $75K instead of stealing them. When you are stealing supplies all businesses you have are stopping to produce and when you are alone you will just get 1 box of supplies. That's definitely not worth it especially with the hard missions there are.

  • Don't purchase what you can't afford
Seriously, if you are a new player you should focus on getting your money making businesses at first. After that when you have made enough money from them you can start to purchase the cool things.


The thing is that which advertisers or sponsors pay out? I have not much seen these days that there are any. But I'd love to see if there are any of those who do pay out. I appreciate the tips given. I'd do more googling on this on monetization and see if that works out.