5 Reasons Why Gaming Can Boost Learning


With the landscape of video games changing constantly, we have got to see how video games and gaming, in general, has real-world applications. Playing video games has become one of the most popular hobbies, but with such focus on the negative aspects of gaming from older generations, it's time to put a spotlight on its benefits, and specifically how gaming is great for our brains and our abilities to learn. Playing video games can improve your learning, so let's show you exactly how.

1. Improves Problem-Solving​

Video games really do improve your ability to solve problems! The fact is that if you feel you're not so good when it comes to strategic planning or spatial navigation, playing certain types of games can help you to boost your critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Problem-solving is such an important part of dealing with life’s stressors but also realizing there is more than one way to solve a problem is an excellent lesson we can all get from gaming.

The best game torrenting sites have piles of great games out there, and getting to grips with more of them is like learning to appreciate a wide range of art.

2. Enhances Multitasking Skills​

Many games force you to deal with a number of visual and auditory distractions at the same time. Multitasking is an essential part of the modern world, and while there's a lot to be said for multitasking in terms of how it can decrease productivity when you are in an environment where you are being forced to focus on a number of things, it can help you to improve your comprehension and attention in relevant scenarios.

A very good example is when you are conducting different learning styles within a classroom setting. A setting such as cyber security awareness training may seem to be technically focused while also needing to absorb facts and figures, but cyber security will benefit from a variety of multitasking skills which is why, arguably, gamers make better IT workers. Dealing with reams of code that is complex to the average person is small fry to these people, quite possibly because of their background in gaming.

3. Helps With Personal Responsibility​

One of the lesser-known aspects of video games is the notion of self-awareness. Most video games have layers of challenges that demand the player to focus on their own actions so they can control the situations around them.

Introspection is not something usually associated with more action-oriented games but there are those role-player games that demand you to slow down and to understand each and every action. And these little moments of introspection have a number of real-world applications. You may not need to necessarily apply gaming skills within the real world a lot of the time, but being able to look at yourself is one of those things that we all need to do at some point.

4. Alleviates Stress​

There are so many negative things associated with video games, but there is nothing quite like unwinding with some Call of Duty after a hard day. Video games don't just help you to forget your existing tensions for a bit, but they can also help you connect with other people who have had a rough week too!

Being able to immerse yourself into another world is amazing for your levels of stress, and therefore it will improve your quality of life and will make you far better at learning from these difficult times. There's a lot to be said for allowing the subconscious to do its thing, so when we fully immerse ourselves in something that gives us an outlet, we immediately feel better.

5. Boosts Positivity​

If we struggle with certain aspects of life the best approach is to expose ourselves to these problems on a regular basis because, over time, this inoculates us to these stresses. If you are playing a puzzle game that frustrates you and makes you angry, rather than stepping away from it, you need to keep coming back to it. This isn't just because it will make you better at dealing with the game itself, but it will also help you to erase negativity from your life in some ways.

In life, we tend to avoid things that are difficult, but we should learn how to embrace these difficult things because it will help us to reduce those feelings of negativity. The temptation can be to give up on a difficult game because it may make you feel like you are a failure. But you need to reframe your point of view and see it as a challenge.

If you are looking to give your brain a power-up, gaming covers a lot of ground. It can help you focus, concentrate, and even lead a better life in simple ways!


Apr 4, 2022
I can attest to this. Between 4th and 12th Grade, my parents only allowed me to play video games on weekends. I managed to do well, but I felt like I had to exert myself a lot more for that to happen. Compare that to college, when I had my Switch and 3DS in my dorm and could play them at will, and half the time, I felt like I wasn't even trying when it came to schoolwork.

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