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May 13, 2021
Grapple Gear is one of the indie gaming scenes that has something for almost everyone and even free to play. Let’s discover some more good and free indie games right now!


Released in 2020, a strong year for indie games, Helltaker is a highly addictive short puzzle game in which players progress through various stages to meet demon girls.

The player is given a limited number of moves to achieve the goal.

The game exudes high quality and it is clear that the developers are very passionate about their project.

Helltaker’s art and writing is excellent, with impressive design and fun interactions.

The game is of course free, and the characters and puzzles are fun and challenging enough to keep players entertained for hours or more.



Released on March 22, 2022, Grapple Gear is a dynamic sprint game that focuses on using grapples to move forward.

Grapple Gear has a simple content.

You go on a map that gets more and more challenging over time and you are given a goal. Go to the portal. You get coins that take 1 second to walk and claws to pull and swing objects.

Though the gliding is weird, it’s also a lot of fun!

You can slide on the ground, which gives you a huge speed boost and sometimes even throws you over the side of the map.

Moreover, the strategy of the game is pretty good.

There are many ways to progress through the game and you can find the path that suits you best.

Honestly, playing Grapple Gear online is recommended to everyone who might be bored and like parkour.


Doki Doki Literature Club
At first glance, Doki Doki Literature Club doesn’t seem like a game for everyone.

And even if it isn’t, curious players might think it is for all the wrong reasons.

The game is presented as a cute anime-style visual novel in which the player meets several girls as part of a literature club at school where they discuss writing and become friends.

However, players will notice that the game also mysteriously says that it is not suitable for children or people who are easily worried.

Plus, the game’s Steam label describes it as more than just a daily game.

The less you know about the game, the better.

But that certainly makes it a dodgy and scary free indie title.

If you’ve played this one, there are plenty of mods that change the experience.


Super Auto Pets
Another groundbreaking indie hit of 2021, Super Auto Pets is one of the most affordable auto fighters out there.

It removes the mechanics of popular titles like TFT and Hearthstone and presents it in a way that almost anyone can understand, while still retaining its complexity.

The premise is simple: form a team of 5 animals to fight 5 enemy animals.

All animals or pets have different abilities and functions.

Your goal is to get 10 wins in a given time period, i.e, if you lose too many battles, you are out and have to start over.

Be careful with this one, it’s very addictive.


Players will traverse a dark, pixelated world.
The Supper is a short game with a spooky and mysterious premise.

It is an exploration based game where as the curious Ms. Appleton, players will traverse a dark, pixelated world in search of ingredients to prepare special dishes for her customers.

Featuring puzzles to solve and secrets to discover in its unique setting, this game is packed with character.

Free, short, sweet and memorable, The Supper is a game that’s definitely different than any player has ever experienced before.


All of the indie games mentioned above are free-to-play and worth trying.

My personal choice of game to play in my free time is Grapple Gear, because I like the short game time and nice sound effects.

And you can share your thoughts about your favorite indie games in the comments section. I’d appreciate that!


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