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Jul 28, 2021
Hiiiii everyone, today I will introduce to you a cool application to refresh your smartphone. Honestly, I'm a person who loves new and interesting things. Therefore, whether it is a phone or a laptop, I often change the wallpaper to make it fresh and more beautiful. Laptops have many effects, but I didn't know about phones before, so I only set normal 2D wallpapers. Just a few days ago, my friend showed me her 3D phone wallpaper. I loved it at first sight! It took a while for her to say the name of the app, it is 3D Wallpaper application by Volio Studio. This app is especially for Android users.


Previously, I also searched for 3D wallpaper on Google or forum to set as my phone lock screen and home screen, but I was not satisfied. They don't look parallax as I want. Probably because it's not compatible with my phone. But when using this 3D Wallpaper app, it's the best.

  • Huge 3D wallpaper store. I think if you change the wallpaper every day, it will take a few years to try it all. I read the description and know that they manually selected each image, not automatically saving without checking like other apps. Maybe that's why all wallpapers quality are also better. I was completely satisfied.
  • Easily search. The 3D Wallpaper of Volio Studio has a fairly logical arrangement of themes to help you easily find the desired wallpaper. So even though it's a lot but it's not messy.
  • New and attractive live wallpaper. Not only stopping at 3D wallpapers, this app also has the ability to set live wallpapers. Great yet! The live wallpaper store is also not small, you are spoiled for choice between many cool live wallpapers.
  • In the near future, 3D Wallpaper will also offer a self-generating 3D wallpaper feature. Too excited! I'm looking forward to this feature every dayyyyy.

Honestly, I recommended Volio Studio's 3D Wallpaper app to everyone. I've never used an app that I like this much. The app size is very small, so I wonder how can it contain such a huge photo store. In particular, the use is not jerky or lag at all. It’s very smooth, even though my phone is not too good. So download and try it out right away, you'll fall in love with it at first sight!

3D Wallpaper’s link here: Live Wallpaper - 3D Wallpaper - Cool Wallpaper - Apps on Google Play

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