2018–19 United States federal government shutdown - How did it affect you or your family?


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Feb 1, 2019
What is your take on the government shutdown? How did it affect you or your family?
I'm not from US but I follow the day to day updates about this. I think it is a result of a politics driven by pride. When the shutdown commence 1 month ago, people started to care about what is happening during this admin of Trump. And that is true, because for the first time many government/federal worker speak about the government, those 800k plus who have been affected by the shutdown more than ever voice their concern.
A lot of people are being owed, this is not a good precedent that the American government has set so far in the history of its politics.

I suggest that something is done about this shutdown as soon as possible. The people I pity much are those who still must work without getting paid.
Politicians are way out of touch. The guy saying "go get a loan". show a bit of compassion for your fellow man who does the real graft.

On to the subject at hand and the way American democracy works is good on one hand (2 viewpoints from republicans and Democrats) but absolutely rubbish if you don't share either opinion. Ive been watching a lot of politics lately and they game the public pure and simple.
As an observer I think Trump means good for the US as a whole. B ut sometimes his moves affect migrants and federal workers who aren't really directly involved in whatever issues that the present government is facing. It's like these folks are just caught up in the middle and become unwilling victims.
Trump as a whole is full of contradiction. But sometimes this contradiction makes him not like the other politicians in the past. I like him being conservative on some issues, but really his immigration and foreign policy should have been improved.
The government shutdown didn't effect me at all. Though I must say out of sheer annoyance that it's a good thing it ended because to be quite honest if it hadn't of then after a while the Food and Drug Administration would have had some issues. Not often people realize that food plays a role in this situation too. Those people work for the government as well and if their not getting paid, chances are they aren't paying attention as much. Either that or they are mad which is unlikely, however nonetheless your food might not even be safe. And so with that said it could lead to serious issues down the road if it wasn't dealt with properly

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