12 Reasons Why You Should Play Online Games


Video games have been a part of our lives since the Sixties, and if there is one thing that has developed quickly it’s online gaming. We’ve moved from smaller consoles to PCs to getting online for all of our gaming and it’s one of the biggest successes in technology to date. It doesn't matter whether you are a gamer yourself or you are interested in learning more about the gaming world, there are so many reasons you should hop on and get to know more about it. People of all ages play games online for a range of reasons, and in this article, we’re going to discuss 12 of those below!

1. It’s fun.

Really, the best reason to head online and play games is because it’s a fun thing to do. Whether you are looking at sites like https://bingoonlineus.com or you’re on Steam with World of Warcraft, online gaming is going to be a life changer for you if you are looking for great ways to have fun. The variety of choices in online gaming is going to keep it fun, and you can bet that with over 1 million games out there in the world, there are endless new things that you can do. You can create worlds that go into AI depth, and you can even create your own industries and communities. Gaming is fun and sometimes, there’s no better reason than that.

2. You’re going to build skills.

Playing games online gives you the chance to build skills in competency and mastery. Most people realize pretty quickly that online gaming requires a particular set of skills to play well, and that means that there will be some serious skill building going on! You’ll be able to play the same game for thousands of hours and still build the right skills at the same time. You’ll be able to build your knowledge and mastery by adding more for your skill level, including communication when working as a team! Video games are natural motivators because the more you can see yourself achieve, the better!

3. You get the chance to experience exploration.

The pandemic has rooted almost everyone to their homes, which means that there is just no time to get out and see the world. Even now with all of the borders opening up, people are still stuck where they are until travel becomes more of a possibility. This has led to people exploring as much as possible online. Online gaming allows you to feast on both external and internal environments, and that can be a whole new journey of self discovery, too. You’ll go through projects and quests, gathering information and learning all you need to know about a particular game. Some games may even see you win a little cash! You don't just get the chance to explore the exterior of some new worlds, but a whole new interior. You can change your identity and be whoever you want to be!

4. There’s a chance to take risks.

The person you are in a game is nothing like the person you are for real, which means that you’ll be happy to take risks and be sure to try on different personalities. You can often choose a whole new look to pair with a whole new personality, and that can make a massive difference when you are looking for an escape in life. There are some games that you can play as a riskier character than others, too, and these will allow you to choose whether you win or lose your ranking. You can take risks in quests, and you can even take risks in how you interact. Many online games now give you the choice in how you interact with others. What you might have said once you could choose to change your mind and react another way, which will give you a chance to learn a little something about yourself, too!

5. Gaming is a safe place to make mistakes.

We all have that thing in life where we don't want to make mistakes. We work to be on our game as much as possible, so it makes sense that we would need at least one place to safely fail in life from time to time. Online games are the place that you can go. You can lose as many times as is necessary and you can keep getting back up again, too. The key thing here is that you keep rising to the top and your online games will allow you to do that! Gamers have a safe place to fail, and it’s healthy to learn how to do that and manage your feelings. Bonus points for gaming, as you’ll be far more resilient for it!

6. The chance for competition.


Everyone loves a good, healthy competition, right? When you get gaming online, you’re going to be able to take a lot of the skills and communication that you learned and apply it so that you can beat whomever you like. There is a lot of skill and communication involved in competitive video gaming, and with learned reflexes and fast reactions, this is going to be something you can do in your spare time to release some tension, too! Competitive gaming means learning good hand-eye coordination, developing fast reflexes and ensuring quick decision making, too. It’s all about strategy, and that’s what you get! You could even play professionally!

7. Building an income.

Did you know that there are people out there making a lot of money just by streaming their gaming online? They’re playing for others and they can earn a lot of money in revenues and advertising, creating content, gaming careers and more. There is a lot of money, for example, in eSports. If you have a hand in that, and you do well with it, you’ll earn a lot of cash. It’s a great mini income if you build enough of a following, too.

8. Getting creative.

There are plenty of games out there that allow you the chance to design, build and create whole new worlds from scratch. Sure, we love to play the games that are already created for you, but have you experienced ones that you create yourself? They’re a whole new world of digital tech and you have the chance to take control of a whole world of your own. It’s one of the best ways to play around the same way you did with building blocks as a child.

9. Building real relationships.

Speaking of building things, it's not just the picture or the blocks you build. It’s the relationships that you build. Yes, these people have avatars and screen names, but that doesn't mean the relationships you build are less relevant. There are platforms out there that allow in-game chats and that means you can work together with others and build a team that makes a difference. Eventually, that can also mean building whole new friendships that can be life changing.

10. You can relax.

Some people kick back with a glass of wine and a bowl of chips, but when you game online, your kickback is a lot of fast paced, intense work! You’re going to get that buzz of being online with others while you learn new skills, build new worlds and immerse yourselves into a whole new level of fun. You can kick back and relax with games like Tetris and Solitaire, without having to interact and get involved in conversations if you don't want to. It’s a great way to relax after a long day and it means that there’s very little skill and concentration involved. These are the games you really need to unwind sometimes!

11. Enjoying controlled excitement.

You get the excitement and danger and all of the adrenaline in one big experience, and it's all from the safety of your chair! You can immerse yourself in prehistoric animals, join the military, blast your way through wormholes and fight bad guys and you don't have to move. This level of excitement can bring some much needed color into your life if you’re without it for now, and that can really make a big difference to the way in which you feel about your hobbies! You might be lacking excitement in some areas and that’s okay - video games are here to catch you and show you what excitement really is!

12. You get to build your independence.

Online gaming is your chance to really build your independence and prove to yourself you can be free to make your own choices. You will feel like you are able to break free of chains that bind you and that can make a massive difference to the way in which you feel about yourself - all because of a game!

Your time spent gaming is going to be a way to enjoy yourself. Just to do something that only involves you and your time without anyone stealing it from you is a pleasure in itself. Take the time to research and choose the right games - you’ll never regret it.
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Dec 8, 2020
Another reason for online gaming is competitive gaming. I love seeing myself at the top on the scoreboard.


Dec 19, 2021
That's an interesting article, thanks for sharing.
I completo agree with Miles on the competitive scene; that's a big motivation for keep/start playing.