10 Top Mods in Elden Ring


Elden Ring has been a huge hit since its release, with gamers praising FromSoftware's maiden try at an open-world game. The ultimate product has been spectacular, with the game being hailed as an absolute masterpiece by both fans and critics. When it comes to the game's enormous quality, the sheer amount of individuals who are getting into it speaks volumes.

Elden Ring's community is so powerful and large that various mods have already arisen to adjust and change some of the game's many gameplay and visual components. The following mods are recommended for Elden Ring PC players who want to muck about with their copy.

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1. Item And Param Randomiser​

Randomizers are among the most popular mods available for the majority of Soulsborne games. They offer an element of surprise to a game, throwing even the most seasoned players off guard as they try to figure out how the game has been altered.

The Item and Param Randomiser mod performs the same thing for Elden Ring, with the basic version shifting the game's stuff around to surprise players. If certain Elden Ring devotees want even more punishment, they can also change the game's parameters at random! Seeing a hundred projectiles hit the Tarnished One will never get old...at least for those who aren't playing the game.

2. Grand Merchant​

If players don't go too far off the main path, Merchant Kale will most likely be the first merchant they encounter in Elden Ring. He's a respectable trader, however his wares aren't quite as useful as those provided by the game's other merchants.

With this mod, though, Merchant Kale becomes one of the best NPCs in the game. With this mod, Kale has access to every item in the game, making it a perfect alternative for experienced gamers looking for a more streamlined experience.

3. High Resolution Map​

Elden Ring's graphics are impressive in and of themselves, especially considering the art style, which makes the game look simply stunning at moments. PC players, on the other hand, are infamous for always pushing the limits of their games, with everything needing to appear flawless... and making anything great if it's even slightly missing.

As a result, this high-resolution map mod was created, which does exactly what it says in the title. Although it may appear to be a tiny change, gamers who are aware of the visual enhancement provided by this mod will be pleased with the ultimate result.

4. Skip Intro Logos And Remove Startup Screen​

This basic mod serves an important purpose, making it a must-have for any Elden Ring player. After all, getting into a game should be as easy as possible, especially in a game like Elden Ring, where players can't wait to play for a few more hours.

This hack removes all non-skippable intros from the beginning, allowing players to jump right into the main menu. Perhaps the most significant modification brought about by this mod is the removal of the blindingly white Namco Bandai screen, a change that many players will enjoy.

5. ReShade - HDR FX​

Given that Elden Ring is a relatively new game, it's only natural that the bulk of mods for it will be reshades that attempt to enhance and improve the game's aesthetics in some way. There are simply too many options in this regard, making it difficult for gamers to pick just one of the many Elden Ring reshades accessible.

Thankfully, the Elden ReShade - HDR FX mod has garnered the most positive feedback out of the bunch. Apart from the previously mentioned extra HDR lighting effects, the patch also includes a slew of other tweaks to make playing the game even more thrilling and enjoyable.

6. Enhanced Moveset Utility​

The possibilities for player input on a PC are unlimited, but most games that release on consoles along with this platform need to account for the limited number of buttons on a gamepad. As a result, much potential is sacrificed in the name of accessibility, which isn't always a terrible thing.

PC gamers, on the other hand, have taken it upon themselves to ensure that they do not have to limit their inputs, whether they are using a keyboard or a controller. This Enhanced Moveset Utility mod allows players to map their spells to different hotkeys, enable a roll without any input delay, back up their save file, and a slew of other useful features that will make Elden Ring survival easier.

7. PS5 PS4 Controller UI​

Modifications to improve quality of life might range from the extremely complicated to the stupidly simple. This mod falls into the latter group, and it's a godsend for PC gamers who use a DualShock or DualSense controller.

Elden Ring's default PC version uses the classic Xbox Controller layout, which may confuse those who want to play with a PlayStation controller. This hack fixes the problem by allowing players to gaze at Sony's controller when attempting to measure the game's controls.

8. Pause The Game​

Given Elden Ring's always-online nature, it's safe to assume that players won't be able to pause the game at any point. However, this logic applies to Offline Mode as well, which can be a problem for players who need to take a break from the game to deal with real-life issues.

Thankfully, modders have created the most basic mod that allow gamers to do just that, however they must play in Offline Mode to get the most out of it. It's a little price to pay to gain some breathing room in a game where a single mistake can result in instant death.

9. Ultimate Table​

This so-called Ultimate Table is another tool that allows gamers to experiment with Elden Ring's ideas. It's a fantastic mod that completely changes the game's mechanics and allows players to experiment with many areas of the game.

Zooming across the map in god mode and casting numerous spells in one cast for no FP seems extremely overpowered and a lot of fun. The Ultimate Table can be used to great effect by players who have completed all of Elden Ring's objectives or simply wish to vent their frustrations on specific adversaries.

10. Cheat Table​

While cheating is the last thing anyone should try in Elden Ring, there's no denying that players who have completed the game properly may desire to experiment with the game's mechanisms. A cheat engine can come in handy in this situation.

These players can download the Elden Ring Cheat Table mod instead of learning the nuances of a third-party Cheat Engine. This brilliant hack allows you to alter anything from a player's attributes to their equipment.

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