10 Top LoL Champions For Pentakills


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Jul 17, 2021

So I heard that you want to improve your KD/A on OP.GG or on your profile in general. No worries I got you hombre. You see my playstyle consists of getting kills and being the MVP. How do I do that? Simple.

I play champions that can 1v5 in a team fight and secure myself a pentakill or maybe even two during the whole match. It all depends on how well I play these champions. Of course, I don’t play every single champion listed on this list but some do indeed peak my interest. You need to kill people and snowball in the early game to get yourself a nice pentakill.

10. Master Yi

“Master of the Wuju.”

I mean did you expect anyone else to be at number 10? I didn’t. The reason why we are starting this article out with Master Yi is that he can get shut down easily. You just throw a few stuns at Master Yi and he’s out of the game. The last thing you might hear from him is a few breaths and an angry kid breaking his keyboard.

Because he was so close to getting a pentakill. Trust me. You weren’t close even 1 bit. But with Master Yi, you can expect to get a lot of kills and in some time you, you yourself will be able to land a pentakill every 10 matches or so. Master Yi’s kit will help you out tremendously. With his Q he can jump from target to target dealing damage, during that period he’s untargetable.

He can heal himself to full HP with W and give himself extra AD thanks to his E. But the best part is his ultimate ability which makes him run fast and gives him a ton of attack speed. During this phase, people won’t be able to understand what’s going on and the next thing they’ll hear is PENTAKILL. Also, low elo people fear him. I dunno why.

Why Master Yi Is Great For Pentakills:

  • Becomes untargetable when using his Q.
  • Has the ability to attack twice in a row thanks to his passive.
  • Gains a lot of movement speed and attack speed while using his ultimate ability.
  • Can heal himself to full HP with W.

9. Kassadin

“The Void shall fear me!”

Oh boy, this guy used to be my old main. The number of pentakills that I’ve gotten for myself playing this champion. It’s enormous. Why was it so easy with him? Well, because you get to dash away and deal a huge amount of damage because of his ultimate ability. You see as long as you have mana this champion is unkillable and hardly anyone can counter him.

He’s a menace to AP champions because his passive gives him extra magic resistance and it’s hard to catch him slipping. Of course, if you don’t know what you’re doing with Kassadin you won’t even score yourself a double kill let alone a pentakill. His other abilities will also help you on your quest to get a pentakill.

With his Q you can silence people and it’s a great poking tool during the laning phase, with his W you deal extra damage when auto-attacking, and his E shoots out a blast of energy at your enemies. Plus Kassadin is a scaling champion which just means you gotta play your cards correctly and get into the late game. That’s when the real fun starts for you.

Why Kassadin Is Great For Pentakills:

  • Can catch up to anyone and escape any sticky situation.
  • During the laning phase, he can poke people with his Q.
  • W enhances his auto-attack damage.
  • Gains extra magic resistance against AP champions.


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