10 Top Cyberpunk 2077 Best Things To Get Early (And How To Get Them)


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Jul 17, 2021

Sup choombas today I’ll be taking you around Night City and showing you the best items you can get your hands way early in the game. These items will give you a bit of an edge over your standard enemies. Most of these items can be found hidden in a locker or somewhere deep in a warehouse but no matter, I’ll even show you how to get to these items.

Some items are iconic while others are either legendary or epic rarity. Keep in mind that some items are only obtainable during a quest or a specific act. After you finish that act or quest you will be soft-locked from getting that item. The only way for you to obtain the certain item in question will be from reloading the game from a past safe file or spawning it yourself through the console command. Now that you know what you’re getting yourself into let’s start this list off!

10. Dying Night

“Click clack your enemies with style.” (Video by AshesWolf)

Our first item on this list is an iconic pistol that you can get by simply visiting the gun shop. This is the first iconic weapon that you’ll be able to get after completing the prologue. After you spawn inside of your apartment make sure to make a run for it to the nearest gun shop on that floor. Talk to a guy named Wilson and he’ll give it to you for free.

Don’t worry you’ll also get a side quest to go to the gun shop, this side quest is completely optional so make sure you make a quick visit because after it’s gone you won’t be able to get this weapon later. It might not seem as much but it will help you during the next few quests that you’ll be trying to complete. And as I mentioned it’s the first iconic weapon that you can acquire so make sure that you grab it. If you take a huge liking to the weapon you can upgrade it later to a legendary variant.

What makes Dying Night great:
  • The first iconic weapon that you can acquire.
  • You get it for free after talking to a gun store owner.
  • It will help you a lot during the next few gigs that you’ll be doing.
  • Headshot damage is increased by 50%.

Dying Night details:

Dying Night


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