10 Top Cyberpunk 2077 Best Early Perks To Get First


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Jul 17, 2021

Ah, perks, love em or hate em they’re almost in every single RPG game you play. Be it a fantasy, sci-fi, or maybe even a light-hearted JRPG you’re bound to come across perks. Now everyone knows how to spend perks. If you’re using a one-handed sword of course you’re going to be spending those perks on your one-handed skill. So Cyberpunk 2077 is no exception when it comes to perks.

Once you reach max level and if you spend those perks accordingly you’re bound to have an OP character by the end game. But anyone can make an OP character during the end game but few of us can make an OP character in the early game. So that’s why today I’ll be listing the best early-game perks you can get. Let’s not waste any more time and get into the best early game perks!

10. Pack Mule

“Allow me to carry your burdens.”

For the first perk, we have one that’s basic and simple. It increases your carrying capacity by 60. This is especially useful as you’re going to be picking up random items that you come across. Everyone has a secret loot goblin inside of them. This is a passive ability that you can upgrade as soon as you get 1 perk point.

It’s especially useful while doing the NCPDs that are scattered around Night City and the Badlands. As you’ll be getting rewarded with flashy clothes and random guns. Later you can take those clothes and guns to a vendor or an ATM and sell them for some extra eddies. In Night City it’s all about getting that bread.

Perk details:
  • Increases your carrying capacity by 60.
  • You’re able to get this perk as soon as you get yourself a perk point.
  • Allows you to carry more items which means you’re able to sell those items for some extra eddies.
  • A useful perk to get early on in the game.


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