10 Tips to Get Better at Dota 2


Dota 2 is one of the most difficult competitive games on the PC, and mastering it takes years.

Gamers might progress at a relatively slow pace from the beginning to the end of their careers. For a newcomer, this may be extremely tough and depressing. However, there are a few tried-and-true methods that might help you improve your game rapidly.

Without further ado, here's some tips on how to improve in Dota 2.

1. Experiment with different roles​

From the carrier to the position 5 support, every role is crucial. Even if you've decided to specialise in one function, it's a good idea to switch between them from time to time. This can assist you figure out what the opponent hero could be up to and how certain matchups operate. If you're a carry player, for example, occasionally playing offlane can assist you grasp how the offlane might manage the lane to his or her benefit. As a result, when you play as a carry, you'll know how to counter an offlaner.

2. Play with others that are more experienced​

It's just impossible to comprehend and recognise all of the distinct hero characteristics, combos, item builds, and power surges on your own. Playing with better players who can point out your flaws and faults is beneficial since it means you have a stronger foundation. Because there is no limit to how much you can learn in Dota 2, you'll want to get rid of your basic errors as soon as possible so you can focus on improving your specific heroes and play styles.

3. Recognize your power surge​

Every hero has a different peak in the game. While some games need farming until later stages, others may be completed with merely levels. Other heroes may perform well in team fights but struggle in lanes. Each hero has their unique set of abilities, flaws, and power peaks. This is a crucial notion to grasp. Templar Assassin, for example, is quite powerful if she can farm a Blink+Desolator early on. Assisting her with this, as well as ensuring she doesn't have to rotate too often, will make her extremely effective in the mid-game.

4. Try out new builds​

While it may appear that itemising heroes is simple, there are really a variety of ways to do it. New builds and item progressions are constantly being discovered and eventually become the standard. While some builds may be popular in the meta, you should always be willing to try something new.

5. Use the settings that are most comfortable​

Multiple variables, such as controls and in-game parameters, may be fine-tuned to the smallest of minutiae. Setting simple features like auto attacks on/off or whether to utilise quick cast allow you to have a varied experience with the game. Make your hotkeys as familiar as possible, and experiment with different in-game settings to see what works best for you. There are several internet instructions for the ideal settings, but any seasoned player will tell you that personal comfort is the most important component.

6. Effective communication is essential​

In Dota 2, communication is crucial, especially when letting your teammates know how you wish to proceed. Providing them with information such as whether you can join a battle, if you'd rather farm, or which targets you want to prioritise can help them plan their attacks. Communicate in a clear and effective manner, and don't overcommunicate.

7. Keep your eye on the clock and the map​

If you're playing as a Support, for example, you'll have to watch out for Neutral camps, which respawn every 60 seconds. You may use the timer to keep track of when you'll need to stack Neutral camps so that your allies can harvest more quickly and effectively. When it comes to playing as a support, there are several Dota 2 methods, such as pulling Creeps, that work best if you know when to use them.

8. Make securing objectives a top priority​

In Dota 2, you must prioritise securing objectives. This can manifest itself in a variety of ways. Towers and other Structures are the most prevalent. Runes, Outposts, Roshan, Ancient-type neutral camps, and so much more are some of the more subtle goals. The Towers, however, are the one that sticks out the most among all of these goals.

When you take out an opponent team's Tower, they lose control of that portion of the game. For example, if an enemy player in that area of the map is ganked, their friends will have to teleport from a far tower, reducing the amount of time they have to react. As a result, the fewer Towers a team possesses, the safer it will be to play.

9. Don't give up​

Victories in Dota 2 may come from the most unlikely places. Even if a game appears to be utterly lost, there are ways to resurrect it. Because the game's heroes have various power spikes and timings, the game's momentum is always shifting. You're never truly out of the race until your kingdom falls, so instead of throwing in the towel in a losing position, keep making strong moves until the finish. One of the reasons there isn't a forfeit option in Dota 2 is since the game is designed around amazing comebacks.

10. Have fun​

Dota 2 is a game that may be quite stressful. You're certain to have a few terrible days, from nasty teammates to smurfs to griefers to results that don't always go your way. Being toxic to your teammates and putting all of your concentration on winning might put undue strain on you and your teammates. Remember to enjoy the game throughout these moments, and things will get better with time.

It's healthy to take a break now and again. Because Dota 2 is so engaging, you will ultimately become tired of it.
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Apr 7, 2022
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