10 Fun Virtual Games To Play On Zoom In 2022


Virtual games are fun, easy-to-go activities that you and your colleagues can use to stay engaged around the office. We have gathered 10 amazing fun virtual games to play on Zoom. It is a fun way for coworkers to connect. For example, you can play team sports by dividing your office into two teams and assigning each group a different jersey color.

However, Zoom games always create a strong bonding between colleagues. You can play these activities with coworkers and friends over Zoom, a video conferencing platform. Check out the list below and pick the game you will play next!

10 Fun Virtual Games To Play On Zoom​

From murder mysteries to word games and more, here you have a complete list of the top 10 demanding online virtual games on Zoom in 2022.

1. Zoom Trivia (best for team building)​

Virtual trivia, also known as Zoom Trivia, is a challenging game that is the perfect way to use for team building in workplaces. It is an online game where the host must read questions that can appear in different formats like fill-in-the-blank, multiple choice, or guess the word. The purpose of this game is to promote team building, engagement, and fun with remote teams.

2. Murder Mystery Games On Zoom​

Murder mystery games are a great way for adults to have fun and solve puzzles, so why not host one on Zoom? Breakout rooms let attendees swap clues with each other while working in teams—and a facilitator can guide the game (so you don't have to). You can even get a murder mystery game kit online from Masters of Mystery to create more fun and drama.

3. Rock, Paper, Scissor Virtual Online Game​

The game can be played online with coworkers, friends, and family through Zoom virtual games. So, the game starts with simple-to-follow rules that anyone can understand well. Many of us grow up while playing the game, right? But Zoom virtual games create rock, paper, and scissors with a new modern touch. It appears with reactions of hand gestures to give your answer.

4. Zoom Online Desert Island Intelligences​

Desert Island Intelligences is based upon sociologist Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences. The game places eight players—one representing each intelligence (linguistic, musical, intrapersonal) on a desert island where they must compete for limited resources and fight to stay alive. Players vote off their least favorite player at the end of each round; the last one standing wins!

Note: The game can create a heated debate between teammates; however, you can encourage such discussions by sending polls during Zoom calls.

5. Zoom Bingo (Conference Call)​

The two versions of Zoom Bingo are Ice breaker Bingo and Online Team Building Bingo. Bingo is one of Zoom's best online virtual games for better team building. It supports team members in playing Bingo games over Zoom and encourages their coworkers to track the progress over the virtual Zoom conference call. It is a board game where you must distribute the card to the members; those who complete the first row will get a prize!

6. Lightning Scavenger Hunts​

Lightning Scavenger Hunts is one of the most demanding virtual games in 2022. If you plan on participating in Lightning Scavenger Hunts, you must create a list. The list includes different items and characteristics to use while playing the game. Arrange a group activity on Zoom. Challenge your teammates to find the items in the list and show them to the screen; as a result, they will earn points. In the end, the player who collects more points will win the prize.

7. Encourage Team Building- Play Zoom Improv Game (Five Things)​

It is a fun and engaging game that allows the person to guess the word. However, to play Five Things, you must give the topic name to the person you selected. For example, the topic name is “Superman,” and then you pick the person “John, give the answer,” John has 15 seconds to give the answers related to the topic. It is a fun-related exercise to support team building and relieve the office load stress.

8. Fully Hosted Game (Super Academy)​

Superhero Academy is a virtual online Zoom game. The game lasts approximately 90 minutes, and your host will lead you through rounds of mini-competitions and other challenges while providing instructions on what to do next. Super Academy, or a Super Hero game, is a fun and engaging game to experience something different.

9. Zoom The Counting Game Show​

Another great way to improve team building while playing the game is to play the game with your friends and enjoy the fun-hell experience. The game allows you to count to ten; if any player speaks to the same number (with you at the same time), the game starts over again. The Counting Game enables players to improve eye contact and body language, which would be more challenging during video meetings.

10. Guess The Name Of The Movie​

Guessing games are always worth the hype. They are one of the best games for bonding between players, friends, teammates, or colleagues. However, this can play this game on Zoom virtual games. The rules of the games are straightforward; the host should create a list of different movie clips. Guess That Movie game starts with playing a short clip of the movie, muting all the Zoom participants, then telling them to answer the movie name in the chat box. In the end, whoever collects more points in guessing the correct movie name, will get a prize or other appreciation.


Virtual games are a fun way to interact with coworkers and friends. You can create games that help teams collaborate, and they are also great for last-minute collaboration sessions. The nature of the game allows you to integrate people who otherwise wouldn't have much interaction so that people can learn more about each other. And as technology hits the ground so hard these days, playing virtual games on Zoom is a new way to continue team-building interactions with remote workers!

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