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    Trump rejected by the UK for offering to help with Boris Johnson coronavirus treatment
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    Trump has financial interest in French company that owns brand name hydroxychloroquine drug
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    Washington Post: ‘What do you have to lose?’: Inside Trump’s embrace of a risky drug against coronavirus
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    Washington Post: Trump, congressional leaders converge on need for new coronavirus economic package, concerned recent $2 trillion law wasn’t enough
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    Vice: Trump Administration Halted Critical Shipment of N95 Masks to Canada
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    ABC News: Premier infuriated by Trump, says Canada helped U.S. amid 9/11
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    Joe Rogan would rather vote for Trump over Biden
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    CNN: Trump fires intelligence community watchdog who told Congress about whistleblower complaint that led to impeachment
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    C.D.C. suggests Americans should wear masks in public but Trump says the rule is voluntary
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    Trump's letter to Senator Schumer leaked

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    Trump can't cancel or postpone the November general election over coronavirus
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