1. ehmprah

    Core Defense – a roguelike tower defense game with a dash of deckbuilding

    Hey everyone! I not only talk about games I also make them and I want to show you peeps my current project! Core Defense is a roguelike tower defense game with a dash of deckbuilding. Choose a reward, update your build, survive the next wave, repeat. Highly replayable through permadeath...
  2. Top 15 best strategy games that are fun to play

    When it comes to gaming anyone can run and gun but considering your strategy takes patience. Strategy games are a test of our mental acuity. It’s all about being in charge, your minions will praise you for eternity, or at least until the next battle, if you guide them to victory. Without...
  3. portaplay

    Broken Lines - Developer Diaries - Gameplay overview

    Hi The company I work for released a couple of developer diaries, There are really interesting if you are at all interested in game design or game development. The game is coming together really nicely and is coming out fairly soon. Feel free to comment or anything I'm always lurking in the...
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