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  1. JoyFreak

    Korean Version of Hyper Universe Shutting Down on November 15

    4v4 Sidescrolling action MOBA Hyper Universe is shutting down in its home market of South Korea on November 15th. While no closure has been announced in the U.S. market, anytime a game shuts down in its home market, it's usually a bad sign for it overseas as well. In fact, it would be surprising...
  2. JoyFreak

    WildStar Officially Shutting Down on November 28

    While we knew WildStar was shutting down, we didn't know exactly when. At least until today. NCSoft announced today that WildStar will be shutting down for good on November 28, 2018. Anyone who spent money on the game since July 1st on either Steam or through the official website will be getting...
  3. JoyFreak

    Bless Korea Shutting Down, Neowiz Committing to NA Version

    Bless Korea is permanently shutting down on November 19th, but the North American and EU versions will remain up according to a producer letter posted by the game's executive producer. The Korean version's shutdown should come as no surprise to anyone as it's never had much of a playerbase. In...