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  1. Carbon

    From Digital to DualSense - The history and evolution of the PlayStation controller ahead of PS5

    PlayStation Digital Controller (PS1, 1994) PlayStation Dual Analog Controller (PS1, 1997) https://www.gamesradar.com/from-digital-to-dualsense-the-history-and-evolution-of-the-playstation-controller-ahead-of-ps5/
  2. Carbon

    Good Dog, Bad Dog coming soon to PS4, PS VR

  3. Carbon

    Doom Eternal surpasses over 700k sales on Steam and ~250-400k sales on Xbox and PlayStation each

  4. Carbon

    PlayStation is preserving internet access in the U.S. due to COVID-19

  5. Carbon

    Leak: PlayStation Plus April 2020: Uncharted 4, Dirt Rally 2.0

  6. Carbon

    PlayStation is preserving internet access in Europe to reduce bandwidth usage

  7. KEO is an upcoming vehicle combat game from Redcatpig Studio

    KEO is an upcoming vehicle combat game from Redcatpig Studio

    KEO is an online multiplayer vehicle combat video game from Portuguese Redcatpig Studio. The upcoming title is set in an sci-fi post-apocalyptic setting which features a number of classic game modes including Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and Racing. Alongside a choice of several vehicles...
  8. Kaynil

    PS Vita - Is it worth it?

    At its time I missed the console. I had to choose between it and the Nintendo 3DS. I think it was around the time I was saving and planning to move out of the continent, so I really wasn't thinking much in getting consoles and then by the time I was stable in the place I moved in, it was pretty...
  9. Ash

    Thoughts on controller accessories for gaming console

    Have you ever bought any accessories for your console controllers? Things like keyboards or maybe charging docks? I did buy a charging dock for my PlayStation 4 but it broke after a few days. Contacted Amazon about it and they provided a refund and let me keep the product in the end.
  10. Carbon

    PlayStation 2019 Wrap-Up Looks back at Your 2019 Gaming Year

  11. PS5 and Xbox Series X details revealed at CES

    PS5 and Xbox Series X details revealed at CES

    CES, the massive consumer electronics show which takes place every year, has revealed two lovely nuggets of information around the next generation offerings from Sony and Microsoft. The first bit of news is that Sony has revealed that the PlayStation 5 has an official logo and, you guessed it...
  12. Carbon

    The Wall Street Journal: Sony Positions Next PlayStation for Hard-Core Gamers

  13. Carbon

    Thoughts on PS4's support for limited resolutions

    What are you thoughts on the limited resolutions that PS4 supports? For example, on my XBOX I can play at 1440p on my monitor, whereas on a PS4 I am playing at 1080p and it's blurry. It seems like Sony gets a pass for this.
  14. Carbon

    PlayStation Network is down

    https://status.playstation.com/en-us/ Found tons of articles saying PlayStation Network is down. Anyone else having any issues?
  15. New PlayStation 5 leak may point to absolute unit of a machine

    New PlayStation 5 leak may point to absolute unit of a machine

    At this point, we're just over a year away from having the PlayStation 5 on store shelves and ready to ship in our Amazon baskets (we hope anyway!), but Sony has been keeping pretty mute on details about the latest console to join the PlayStation line-up. Despite information given by Sony...
  16. AMD Boss says PS5 has some "Special Sauce"

    AMD Boss says PS5 has some "Special Sauce"

    The PlayStation 5 is coming sometime in the future to a store near you. While it hasn't been officially announced by Sony yet, we've seen system architect Mark Cerny beginning to talk about it. One of the very first things we learned about the upcoming console is that it will feature an AMD...
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