pc games

  1. Barida

    Is there need for Nintendo to compete with Sony and Ms in the aaa space?

    The other day, I was reading an article where the president of Nintendo was discussing about the competition that may exist in the console gaming community. For me, I don't really think they need to compete for fan base, though I am not one, as Sony as a gaming company has gone far in catching...
  2. Barida

    What's your best PC strategy game?

    Command and conquer has been a nice PC strategy game that I've enjoyed playing since once you have the way around it, it becomes easier. Age of empires is another that I can't stay for long without playing. What's your preference?
  3. Barida

    Between Bloodbourne and Sakiro, which one is difficult to play?

    Having spent much time playing both games, I don't think playing Bloodbourne is an uphill task as you can easily go through the phases with ease unlike when I played Sakiro. Which one did you find difficult when you played?
  4. jpk0007

    What is your most favourite device to play games online

    Well, playing games online has been one of my most favourite hobby for a long time now. Whenever I get free time I prefer to spend it on playing games . In the past I used to play games on my desktop. Then after some years I started playing games on my Laptop. Nowadays I play games only on my...