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  1. Barida

    Are you replaying any old game at the moment?

    In our gaming history, there is always one particular game or a couple of games that we always replay no matter how old that they are. What is that old game that you are replaying?
  2. Barida

    What have you learnt by playing games?

    Playing games, to me, is not only to catch fun, but can also be as a way to learn something new. I can mention the type of football formations and tactics that we have in football as I learnt from playing football manager games. What have you learnt by playing games?
  3. Barida

    Have you made any in-game purchases since you began playing online games?

    What makes playing games exciting is when you win, I mean there is nothing greater than when you are able to win tasks when you play some games. I have played some online games where one can make in-game purchases, so have you purchased any of them?
  4. jpk0007

    What is your most favourite device to play games online

    Well, playing games online has been one of my most favourite hobby for a long time now. Whenever I get free time I prefer to spend it on playing games . In the past I used to play games on my desktop. Then after some years I started playing games on my Laptop. Nowadays I play games only on my...
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