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  1. Kaynil

    What songs and artists were introduced to you by games?

    I was making a playlist the other day and I realize that some groups I got to know them because of other games. For example, The Sims 3 and their indy station got me into Manchester Orchestra through their simlish version of "I've got friends". I remember that I first heard that song Ghosts by...
  2. Lorien - A video game music composer

    Hi I will start with a short presentation : My name is Lorien, I'm a 25 years old musician from France, I dream of becoming a composer of music with images, especially for video games, To make my dream come true I work hard every day and I regularly post songs on my soundcloud and on my Youtube...
  3. Carbon

    What video game music hypes you up?

    Here's mine, what's yours?
  4. Heatman

    Do you listen to music while playing games?

    Whether it's the in game theme music or an external music playing in the room background where you are playing your game, these songs helps gamers to sync up with the game which they are playing fully. Do you enjoy listening to music when playing games?
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