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  1. cozysymphony

    Dumbledore Wanted - Garry's Mod Harry Potter RP

    Hey there! New video is out! Hope you will enjoy this one! :love: See you soon!
  2. cozysymphony

    How to make money in Hogwarts - Garry's Mod Harry Potter RP

    Hello there! Here is a way to make money in Hogwarts and having fun at the same time. :ROFLMAO: See you on next thursday! :love:
  3. cozysymphony

    Farting issues is serious - Garry’s Mod Harry Potter RP

    Heyhey! New video is up! At least now we know why Dea is farting on everyone. :ROFLMAO: See you soon!
  4. cozysymphony

    Kill the f*cking rat! - Harry Potter RP

    Hello guys! New video of Hogwarts RP is out today! Give the video a like if you enjoyed! :love: See you soon!
  5. cozysymphony

    The Truth About Amina - Harry Potter RP

    We finally know who she is... Don't forget to subscribe and share the video with your friends! <3
  6. cozysymphony

    How to be an eGirl - Harry Potter RP

    Hi there! I'm creating funny videos related to the gaming world on YouTube. I just uploaded a new video and i wanted to share the link here: If you enjoyed it, don't forget to like, subscribe and share the video with your friends, family and pets! Thanks a lot for your time!
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