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  1. Nova

    Mobile 2D Graphics in 2020?

    I am seeing a lot of games coming out in 2D graphics. I know mobile based games can be in monochrome too. And the thing is all comes down to the gameplay. But I wanted to know what could be the reason for increasing demand of the 2D graphics. Is it that these games are easier to play? What do...
  2. Kaynil

    Augmented Reality - What’s your thoughts on it?

    Unlike virtual reality, augmented reality is supposed to have things you see adapt in the background of your life. Games like Pokemon Go, where you are supposed to see the Pokemon right next to the bus stop or wherever you happen to point your device at. Portability seems to be an important...
  3. Kaynil

    Any good co-op mobile game you can recommend me?

    Hey guys, I like playing games more in cooperation than competition. I don't mind teamwork competitive if I can choose my teammates and teams can be just two people. I have been having a lot of problems trying to find a good game that has co-op. There are games with co-op like the Empire and...
  4. Barida

    Recommendations for offline mobile games

    Mobile gaming is one of the best things that have happened to gamers as you can now play your games even while on the go. I have always focused mainly on basketball and football games, but recently feel there is need for me to have some wrestling games on my mobile. I will be happy to get...
  5. Heatman

    What's the best mobile games you've played?

    Game developers have seen the impact of getting some of console and PC games into the level of android and iOS games because lots of people are now playing games with their smartphone devices. What are the best mobile games you have ever played? Be kind enough to make some good recommendations.
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