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  1. Aurora Legend’s Music Festival Event is coming

    Aurora Legend’s Music Festival Event is coming

    Aurora Legend’s Facebook account presented the exclusive MMD video for new hero Muse. Check out the MMD video here: Aurora Legend’s also announcing the launch of the latest in-game event—Aurora Legend Music Festival. Two new heroes would be available to recruit in the tavern: Muse (VA: Yui...
  2. Carbon

    Auto Chess - Most Engaging Mobile Game of 2019!

  3. Barida

    Forza Street heads to iOS/Android devices

    Forza released a trailer that they will be dropping the Forza Street 2019 on mobile. Are you excited to show your car racing skills on mobile with this game or not? I feel excited about it!
  4. Barida

    What old game are you replaying at the moment?

    In our gaming history, there is always one particular game or a couple of games that we always replay no matter how old that they are. What is that old game that you are replaying?
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