lord of the rings online

  1. JoyFreak

    Lord of the Rings Online Launches Update 23 ‘Where Dragons Dwell’

    While Lord of the Rings Online is certainly a bit of an oldie (2007 release), it's still getting updated regularly. Standing Stone Games and Daybreak released the game's 'Where Dragons Dwell' update today (Update 23) which increased the game's level cap by 5, introduced a new ironfold crafting...
  2. JoyFreak

    Rest Easy, Middle-earthers, Lord of the Rings Online Isn't Going Anywhere

    One Redditor is sharing the happy news with the Lord of the Rings Online Reddit family (and we with you in turn!) that the game isn't going anywhere despite the new MMO currently in the works at Athlon Studios. User Nemarus wrote to Middle-earth Enterprises to express his concern about the new...