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  1. xenonVirus

    JoyFreak Merch Ideas?

    This is quite random, but it originally started after I made parody lyrics of a song in the "New Website Looks Great" thread. Carbon made a little comment about how there could be a possibility of merch... and although I hadn't planned on making any, I decided to make some as an experiment. So...
  2. xenonVirus

    New website looks great!

    I saw the email telling me about the new changes, and I clicked on the email. The new JoyFreak looks amazing! I love the fact that JoyFreak Premium is a thing. The light theme looks great with the white on blue contrast.Dark mode looks AWESOME, too. I absolutely adore how the dark blue contrasts...
  3. xenonVirus

    [Latest Update: February 1, 2020] The Forum Rules

    The Forum Rules Welcome to JoyFreak! We’re excited to have you here, and we hope that you make constructive conversations and have a good time. JoyFreak is a video game forum, but it is also a forum for people of different ages to hang out and talk with one another. To make sure that society...
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