1. JoyFreak

    Hearthstone Prepares For Annual Hallow’s End Celebration

    Hearthstone has just kicked off their annual Halloween celebration with spooky Tavern decorations, costumes optional. This year, a special guest will also be gracing the common room of the Tavern - Sir Annoy-o. “In this Hearthstone update we’re decorating the Tavern for a spooky Hallow’s End...
  2. JoyFreak

    Fight For The Lich King in the Hearthstone Days of the Frozen Throne Event

    Death Knights are coming to give Hearthstone players a chance to fight for The Lich King and the Frozen Throne in the Days of the Frozen throne event. The event will run from September 19th to September 23rd and will feature a limited-time Tavern Brawl where both participants will face off as...