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  1. Alex Wright

    News Xbox Games Showcase Extended offers deep dives into upcoming games

    Xbox Game Showcase Extended event will offer deep dives into a host of upcoming Xbox games, Microsoft has confirmed. The event will take place at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm BST on Thursday, 17 June. Xbox said: This means that we'll get a look at Halo Infinite, Age of Empires 4, Forza Horizon 5...
  2. Alex Wright

    News Xbox Series X gets new box art

    Xbox Series X has got a new box art, with Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5 sporting the new look. Microsoft’s new box art is going for clean, sleek lines and will get rid of the large “Optimised for Xbox Series X” logo that’s currently on its titles. Instead, that logo, alongside the one...
  3. Alex Wright

    News Halo Infinite offers Season Passes that never expire

    Halo Infinite will add season passes that will never expire, Microsoft and 343 Industries have asserted. 343 Industries has confirmed that Halo Infinite won’t have loot boxes of any kind. It will offer paid Season Passes instead, giving players the chance to earn customisable options for their...
  4. Alex Wright

    News Halo Infinite not coming 9 November, says Microsoft

    Halo Infinite is not coming on 9 November, according to confirmation from Microsoft. Yesterday, Xbox Brazil made a post on Twitter, which has since been deleted, stating that the upcoming title will head to PC and Xbox consoles from 9 November. The tweet translates: It’s already been pointed...
  5. Alex Wright

    News Halo Infinite gets new story teaser, multiplayer gameplay trailer

    Halo Infinite will launch “with no barriers” across Xbox consoles and PC, offering free-to-play multiplayer on all available platforms, Microsoft has asserted. On Xbox Series X, multiplayer will run at 120 FPS. The free multiplayer and paid campaign mode, also included in Xbox Game Pass, will...
  6. Alex Wright

    News Fortnite adds Halo's Master Chief in-game

    Fortnite has added Halo‘s Master Chief in-game alongside God of War‘s Kratos and The Mandalorian‘s Mandalorian. The Chief is now available in-game with a skin that includes a holographic Battle Legend Back Bling for 1,500 V-Bucks. Other Halo-themed options have been added like UNSC Pelican...
  7. Alex Wright

    News Halo Infinite set to launch in Fall 2021

    Halo Infinite was originally planned to launch with the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S but was delayed for fine tuning, its now set to launch in Fall 2021, developer 343 Industries has confirmed. Joseph Staten at 343 Industries took to the Halo Waypoint blog with the new release date of “Fall...
  8. Alex Wright

    News Halo Infinite announcements coming end of 2020

    Halo Infinite will receive announcements at the end of 2020, with 343 Industries being “much more communicative in the coming months”, the developer pledged. John Junyszek, at 343, wrote in a recent update: Junyszek also wrote: The title was planned for the Xbox Series X and Series S launch...