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  1. Magestic Accounts - Selling Cheap GTA V Accounts / Fortnite / Battlefield {2019}

    Hello everyone i am right to assume we all like a nice bargain in life and if that is what you are looking for i am your guy check out Magestic Accounts shop today for cheap games like battlefield v for only 5$ and GTA V for 3$ Visit Magestic Accounts Today at : Commerce Made Simple
  2. Unity Port of GTA V on Android. My gameplay screenshots

    So I had a busy day today but that didn't stop me from hovering round the web. Saw this article saying there was a gta 5 on Android. Bluffed it initially, but gave it a second thought. Well it wasn't like the gta san Andreas mod on YouTube. This one is real!. It's actually a test version, lags...
  3. Rank Roleplay Community

    Rank Roleplay Community

    Rank Roleplay Community Xbox One GTA 5 Rank Roleplay is an all new community founded by staff members from a highly respected server, based on real life roleplay. We focus on activity and fun. We also focus on you as members, not the numbers. What We Offer: -Open Staff Positions- -Open...
  4. Does the Freemium business model enhance or diminish gaming experiences?

    Need some help/responses ASAP for my summer University Research Topic: ‘Does the Freemium business model enhance or diminish the modern gaming experience for consumers?’ I am currently writing a research paper and need some real-life responses on how you fellow gamers and students feel towards...
  5. GTA 5

    Are you guys still playing GTA5 and what do you think about it? Is it dying or not? In my opinion the game is still doing very well, they keep updating the game. Maybe it's a little bit in the shadow of Rockstar's Red dead redemption... Anyways, if you're still playing GTA5, do you want to...
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