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  1. Rosk89

    American eSports University

    Good morning people, I come to bring you a story about the world of eSports that will blow you away! The title of the subject is about an online university established in Florida (EEUU), that helps all eSports players in the world to be accredited for their work and effort in playing eSports...
  2. jimx1

    If you need to recommend only 1 game to your best friend, which one would it be?

    Here's mine: War Clicks What is yours? Even though there are tons of fun games around that I've been playing all that time, you simply can't play them all and need to find those that suit you best – the ones that you feel most comfortable with. When the times changed and took away some of my...
  3. Barida

    Do you have a game couch?

    Gaming can be exciting for most of us that enjoys playing games. The reason is that you feel smart when you get pass each phase of any game that you are playing. However, sitting at a place to play video games for longer period of time can be tiring and not easy with the back pain. This is...
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