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The community for all things 90s and 2000's

game console

  1. Barida

    Does Nintendo need to compete with Sony, MS, etc. in the AAA space to survive?

    The other day, I was reading an article where the president of Nintendo was discussing about the competition that may exist in the console gaming community. For me, I don't really think they need to compete for fan base, though I am not one, as Sony as a gaming company has gone far in catching...
  2. Barida

    Have you ever engaged in a fight whilst playing video games?

    Back in those days, going to game house to play our favorite game is something that is nice and okay. However, the fights that always occur between gamers at the gaming house is something that I never liked and that made me to get a personal gaming console then. I never got involved in game...
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The community for all things 90s and 2000's
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