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  1. Carbon

    EA pledges up to $2m in match-funded support for COVID-19 relief
  2. Cameron Taylor

    Does anyone play Madden NFL 20?

    Hi, Does anyone play Madden 20? I know that football season is over, but I recently bought Madden 20. I swore that I wasn't going to buy Madden again, since EA does little to nothing to actually spice up the new edition of Madden each year. Still, I literally bought it for $10, so I went ahead...
  3. EA calls loot boxes 'surprise mechanics'

    EA calls loot boxes 'surprise mechanics'

    A senior exec over at everyone's much loved game studios Electronic Arts (EA) has told the UK Parliament that within the company, they prefer to call loot boxes "surprise mechanics" and made an argument that the use of such 'mechanics' in EA games are “quite ethical and quite fun [and] enjoyable...
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