1. Alex Wright

    News 9 Best Tips For Wild Hearts Beginners

    Wild Hearts, an action role-playing game produced by EA, may not have been on your radar, but it has the makings of a sleeper smash. This is the closest we've ever seen a game get to taking Monster Hunter's title, and it also marks Omega Force's return following the catastrophic failure of...
  2. Melissa Adams

    News How to Use a Controller on Apex Legends Mobile

    Playing FPS games on a mobile device with a controller isn't exactly black magic. Manufacturers have been scrambling to provide mobile players the greatest gaming controllers for their phones since since PUBG mobile and similar FPS titles were released for Android and iOS a few years ago. While...
  3. Alex Wright

    News 10 Tips to Get Better at FIFA 22

    Everybody has a terrible game from time to time. Making errors is an important part of the FIFA 22 experience. In online modes, opponents will get more powerful, and players will become more skilled. Single player is the only option for those who never want to lose. However, this game includes a...
  4. Alex Wright

    News Microsoft, EA, Gearbox protest Texas' anti-LGBTQ+ rights

    Microsoft, EA and Gearbox have signed a statement urging Texas Governor Greg Abbott to "abandon" efforts that demonise parents who want their children to get gender-affirming care. Texas' governor has directed the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services to begin investigating...
  5. Alex Wright

    News Dead Space reimagining in the works at EA Motive

    Dead Space reimagining is in the works at EA Motive, according to a number of reports. Back in March, on Jeff Grubb's YouTube show, Grubb said that EA Motive was working on “an established IP,” recently claiming that “we’re going to see it… if we’re not dead first.” Eurogamer’s Tom Phillips...
  6. Alex Wright

    News EA's FIFA 21 source code and Frostbite engine have been hacked

    EA’s FIFA 21 source code alongside its Frostbite engine and more have been hacked. Hackers managed to steal a grand total of 780GB of company data and have claimed to have taken source code for FIFA 21 and its matchmaking server, source code for Frostbite, and code for proprietary EA...
  7. Alex Wright

    News Battlefield 2042 alpha coming July, beta ahead of launch

    Battlefield 2042 alpha will kick off in July, with a beta coming ahead of launch, EA and DICE have confirmed. The alpha will take place in early July, though not all players are guaranteed access as DICE will be emailing random, long-time Battlefield players with an invitation to join. Those...
  8. Alex Wright

    News Battlefield 2042 will cost $10 more on PS5 and Xbox Series consoles

    Battlefield 2042 will be $10 USD more on PS5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, EA has confirmed. That means PS5, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S versions of the title will be priced at $70 USD as compared to $60 USD on PS4 and Xbox One. 128-player modes will be exclusive to current-gen...
  9. Alex Wright

    News Battlefield 2042 gameplay, screenshots, map and mode detailed

    Battlefield 2042 - previously known as Battlefield 6 - screenshots and game info have made it on EA's Origin platform ahead of an official reveal. The game's listing reads: Battlefield 2042 will focus more on multiplayer action and will do away with single-player. It will offer up modes with...
  10. Alex Wright

    News Mass Effect Legendary Edition fixes Paramour, kill count trackers

    Mass Effect Legendary Edition update has fixed a number of issues including Paramour Achievement and Trophy trackers, and kill count trackers. The bugged Paramour Achievement and Trophy issue was first reported back on 17 May. In addition to these improved trackers, a number of other bugs have...
  11. Alex Wright

    News Battlefield 6 reveal coming on 9 June

    Battlefield 6 reveal has been scheduled for next week, taking place at 7 am PDT / 10 am EDT / 3 pm BST on 9 June. Developer DICE has confirmed that the reveal will take place over on YouTube. The Battlefield 6 reveal takes place a full month ahead of EA Play livestream show, and will likely...
  12. Alex Wright

    News Need for Speed games are getting delisted

    Need for Speed titles will be delisted from digital stores, EA has proclaimed. ~Max_Joker, Community Manager. Online services for those titles will cease to operate from 31 August 2021. What do you make of the above Need for Speed titles getting delisted?
  13. Alex Wright

    News EA opening new open world studio in Seattle

    EA has opened a new open world studio in Seattle that will be led by former Monolith VP and Studio Head, Kevin Stephens. A new report suggests that Stephens will be joined by former Monolith President, Samantha Ryan, who recently served as EA Senior VP and Group General Manager. ~Laura Miele...
  14. Alex Wright

    News Xbox Game Pass May 2021 added and removed titles

    Xbox Game Pass May 2021 added and removed titles are starting to be detailed by Microsoft (and EA) for console, PC and Android Cloud Streaming. Those subscribed to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate have access to both, console and PC libraries alongside access to the EA Play Vault as well. We’ve also...
  15. Alex Wright

    News EA Sports PGA Tour is coming in spring 2022

    EA Sports PGA Tour will launch in spring 2022, EA Sports has proclaimed. The tour was announced back in late March and will be the company’s first PGA game since 2015’s Rory McIlroy PGA Tour on PS4 and Xbox One. The new golf game will include PGA Tour icons like The Players Championship, the...
  16. Alex Wright

    News Mass Effect Legendary Edition update fixes Xbox headset glitch

    Mass Effect Legendary Edition update has been released to correct a number of issues, including one that meant players couldn’t launch the game on Xbox Series X using a wireless headset. The issue still remains, in part. A full fix for the issue is coming soon. For now, players are advised to...
  17. Alex Wright

    News Mass Effect 3 multiplayer to return in Mass Effect Legendary Edition

    Mass Effect 3 multiplayer could return in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, BioWare’s Mac Walters has revealed. ~Mac Walters at BioWare. Mass Effect 3 Legendary Edition has been amended as a result of its current lack of multiplayer; the mode used to bolster the single-player Galactic Readiness...
  18. Alex Wright

    News Battlefield 6 coming to last-gen consoles but is designed for PS5 and Xbox Series X

    Battlefield 6 development is solely focused on current-gen consoles - PS5 and Xbox Series X|S - but also coming to last-gen consoles - PS4 and Xbox One, publisher EA has confirmed. Since EA and DICE confirmed that Battlefield 6 will be “brought to life with the power of next-gen consoles and...
  19. Alex Wright

    News Mass Effect Legendary Edition Achievements and Trophies revealed

    Mass Effect Legendary Edition Achievements and Trophies are now available and reveals a list that requires less grinding than the previous titles did. The Achievement list in Legendary Edition requires you to complete five missions with each supporting character, while the original required you...
  20. Alex Wright

    News EA Play Live 2021 will take place in July

    EA Play Live 2021 will now take place in July where the publisher will livestream a number of upcoming and continuing titles. EA said: The event is taking place a month later than usual, bypassing E3 2021’s digital offerings. That could mean a potential Battlefield 6 reveal, which was...
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