1. Carbon

    GameSpot: How A Toy Gun Became DOOM’s Iconic BFG

  2. Carbon

    Who's got Doom and/or Animal Crossing?

    They both came out at the perfect time. Both are really fun so far. Which one have you got?
  3. Nova

    Doom Eternal has improved its difficulty

    There seems to be a lot of improvement in the DOOM Eternal game mechanics. There is increase in the difficulty and also challenges too. It is definitely improved.
  4. Doom, Doom 2 to finally run at 60FPS

    Doom, Doom 2 to finally run at 60FPS

    Last summer we all had a surprise dropped on us in the form of Bethesda making Doom, Doom 2 and even Doom 3 available on Switch, Xbox One, PS4, Android and iOS. The company seems to be in it for the long haul and not that quick money as they’ve just released a large patch for Doom 1 and 2 which...
  5. Carbon

    DOOM Eternal E3 Gameplay

    What do you think?
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