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POE Currency
The community for all things 90s and 2000's

digital foundry

  1. Carbon

    Digital Foundry: Inside Xbox Series X - How Microsoft Redefined The Console Form Factor
  2. Carbon

    Half-Life: Alyx - Digital Foundry Tech Review - A Game-Changer for VR?
  3. Carbon

    Digital Foundry: Resident Evil 3 Remake Demo: What's Up With Xbox One X? All Versions Tested
  4. Carbon

    Digital Foundry: Wolfenstein Youngblood - Ray Tracing/VRS/DLSS in id Tech 6 - A Next-Gen Features Showcase?

    Summary Ray tracing is better lighting 4k with raytracing on is 40-60fps on a 2080ti, RT off is 120-135fps. 4k DLSS with RT on is 80-100fps, Alex recommends this Watch the video
  5. Carbon

    Digital Foundry analyses The Witcher 3 on Switch's E3 trailer
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POE Currency
The community for all things 90s and 2000's