1. Arena and PVP Event

    Arena and PVP Event

  2. EC Boss Hunt

    EC Boss Hunt

  3. EC Boss Hunt

    EC Boss Hunt

  4. Conquera – Forge Your Destiny!

    Conquera – Forge Your Destiny!

    As destruction befalls upon the land of Maia, the citizens pray for a brave hero who can face the powers of evil and defeat the darkness once and for all! Si...
  5. Savage

    Legend of Mir 3D 血战无极 Conquera (Open Beta Test)

    Adapted from the popular ‘The Legend of Mir: Eternal’ from China, 血战无极 Conquera is coming to SEA! Legend of Mir 3D Conquera Opens Beta Testing (OBT) on 6th December 2017. Register and join the PK classic MMORPG for massive guild wars, brutal PK and exciting dungeon raids. Pre-registration is...