call of duty: warzone

  1. Melissa Adams

    10 Best Crossplay Games to Play in 2022

    Not long ago, deciding between the latest PlayStation and Xbox systems came down to a lot more than simply money and personal choice. Players had to think about not just what worked best for them, but also which console their friends would be using. Over the years, it has sparked several heated...
  2. Alex Wright

    Call of Duty Warzone adds Rambo, Die Hard’s John McClane

    Call of Duty Warzone will add 80s action heroes Rambo and Die Hard‘s John McClane in an upcoming update. The two action stars will also be added to Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War and Call of Duty Mobile from 20 May. ~Activision Blizzard. Head here for more information. Call of Duty Black...
  3. Alex Wright

    Call of Duty Warzone has over 500,000 banned cheaters

    Call of Duty Warzone has over 500,000 banned cheaters, co-developer Raven Software has revealed. In a recent tweet from the studio's official Twitter, Raven said there's now a total of "over half a million accounts", after banning over 30,000 "malicious accounts" on 13 May. Many of the users...
  4. Alex Wright

    PlayStation Play at Home event includes free in-game content

    PlayStation Play at Home 2021 event will include free in-game content for a number of titles including Rocket League, NBA 2K21 and Call of Duty Warzone. The free in-game content will be available via the PlayStation Store as follows: 17 May to 6 June Rocket League: PlayStation Plus Pack –...